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Have you ever noticed that brands are like people? In order to attract—and keep—loyal customers, your brand should resemble...

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In an amazing twist of karmic justice, Randi Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg’s sister and a former Facebook executive) recently fell...

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B2B: 2013 And Beyond (Infographic)

We're sure you've heard it said that in a tight economy, marketing budgets are the last thing to cut. But, why? Here are a few...

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Tags: Infographic, B2B

Breaking Bland: Adding Personality to Your B2B Content Marketing

Close your eyes. No really, close your eyes and let your fingers dance across your keyboard. Open your eyes. Now, break up the...

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Enterprise Referral Marketing By the Numbers: It's Not Just a Startup Game [Report]

If you’ve done any research on successful referral marketing use cases, you’ve probably run into a lot of the same examples...

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The Executive's No-Nonsense Guide to Referral Marketing

Editor's note: This is an excerpt from our most recent eBook, "The Executive's No-Nonsense Guide to Referral Marketing." To...

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