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Commissions & Payouts

Track commissions and fulfillment  with automated and manual approval payouts. Send global payouts to 200+ countries in 45+ different languages using ACH, PayPal, Gift Cards, and more. Ensure legitimacy across your affiliates and referrers with powerful Fraud Alert AI. 


Landing Page & Enrollment

Seamlessly integrate our templates into your site and customer experience to encourage employees and customers to promote your referral, affiliate, and loyalty programs.


Refer-a-Friend (RAF)

Make it easy for customers to refer to a friend from anywhere, anytime via their preferred social platform, email, SMS, or QR code.



Encourage reviews, survey completion, testimonials, referrals with reward tiers that unlock exclusive perks, services, or discounts.

Or, boost sales with rewards for upsells  like automatic payment setup, bundles, or family plans. 


Customizable QR Codes

Generate customizable QR codes to add to your website, invoices, or emails, to track and attribute leads, sales, program effectiveness, and make it easy for your affiliate and referral partners to share.


Engagement Tools

Keep your business top of mind with automatic engagement campaigns that highlight network speed, money saved, customer anniversaries, or holidays. Promote special offers, upgraded services, or new features. Use our library of templates to get started.


Affiliate Portal

Encourage affiliates to share branded marketing assets or referral links with their network with a flexible, fully customizable portal with embed capabilities for your site. 


Branded Asset Library

Equip your affiliates and customers with a library of custom branded multimedia assets to share to their network. Compatible with PDFs, GIFs, videos, audio files, and more. 


Tracking and Attribution

Monitor affiliate, referral, and loyalty sales, clicks, and conversions in real time to identify key revenue drivers. Build and export reports and dashboards. 

Drive Value Along the Customer Journey

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Attract and Convert

Highlight limited-time offers and exclusive first-buy discounts on your landing pages, not just to convert new visitors into buyers, but also to enroll them in your loyalty program and develop a deeper relationship from day one.

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Consideration and Trust Building

Feature detailed stories of how your services have positively impacted customers along your customer touchpoints, incorporating reviews and testimonials to build trust and showcase real-life benefits.

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Conversion and Onboarding

Streamline the sign-up process with immediate value offers, such as instant discounts or free trials, making the decision to subscribe to your service as frictionless as possible.

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Engagement and Usage

Implement gamification such as badges and tiers to encourage active engagement and exploration of your offerings. This will motivate your customers to increase their usage frequency, and try new services.

Retention and Loyalty

Retention and Loyalty

Reward long-term customers and members with exclusive offers, access to premium services, or member-only content, enhancing their loyalty and encouraging continued engagement with your service.

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Advocacy and Referral

Encourage and track customer referrals and reward both the referrer and the referred with benefits that tie back to your services, such as service credits or upgrades, incentivizing word-of-mouth promotion.

Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs

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Referral Programs for Existing Customers

Reduce CAC by leveraging your existing customer base’s satisfaction and trust. Use Ambassador to create a referral program where existing customers can share your product or services with others, and in return receive a discount or account credit. This builds loyalty and brings new business.

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Incentives for Online Reviews

Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on major review platforms and your website by offering small incentives like data boosts or discounts on their next bill. This improves your online presence and attracts new customers with trusted testimonials.

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Social Media Engagement Rewards

Use Ambassador to track and reward customers who share their positive experiences with your services on social media. This not only boosts your brand’s visibility but also attracts new customers through personal networks, and improves reputation.

Partnerships with Local Businesses

Partnerships with Electronics Companies

Collaborate with companies selling internet devices by offering joint promotions. This opens your services to a broader audience at a lower cost than traditional marketing methods.


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Maximize Your Customer Lifetime Value


Loyalty Discounts for Long-term Customers

Offer progressively better discounts or improved service terms to customers based on their tenure with your company. This encourages customers to stay longer, increasing their lifetime value.

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Exclusive Access to New Features or Services

Provide loyal customers exclusive or early access to new technologies, services, or speed upgrades. This makes them feel valued, and encourages them to upgrade their plans or add services.

Feedback-Driven Custom Services

Customer Feedback Rewards

Implement a system where customers are rewarded for providing feedback on your services, whether through surveys or participation in beta testing new products. This can improve your offerings and increase customer engagement and satisfaction.


Personalized Bundles and Offers

Use data analytics to understand individual customer needs and usage patterns, and build a more personal relationship. Offer personalized bundles or services, such as combining internet, cable, and mobile services at a discount, encouraging additional purchases and enhancing the perceived value of staying with your brand.


I like how easy it is to navigate the Ambassador platform - The team members of Ambassador are also very friendly and helpful and are able to work through any issues quite quickly. While we don't use all the features Ambassador has to offer, they have a good variety of features and different payment methods for bonuses.

- Lauren W., Business Development Manager, LendKey
White Paper

Build or Buy?

Thinking about DIY-ing your own Referral marketing program in-house? Here are 3 things you should consider first.

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Building a World Class Referral Program

Techniques to Transform Happy Customers Into Revenue-Driving Brand Ambassadors

Why are so many leading Telecommunications and ISP brands investing in Customer-Led Growth?

Competitive Differentiation Through Customer Satisfaction
Competitive Differentiation Through Customer Satisfaction

In a highly competitive market, positive word-of-mouth and high satisfaction ratings can be a key differentiator.

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Referrals Reduce Churn

Customers who come through referrals tend to stay longer, reducing overall churn rates.

Feedback-Driven Custom Services
Feedback Informs Network Improvements

Customer feedback can direct ISPs and Telecoms to where network improvements or expansions are most needed.

Quality Leads From Referrals
Higher ARPU From Engaged Customers

Engaged customers are more likely to upgrade their plans or add services, increasing average revenue per user (ARPU).

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
Customer Advocacy Lowers Acquisition Costs

Advocacy from satisfied customers lowers the cost of acquiring new customers compared to traditional advertising.

Tailored Services Increase Market Share
Tailored Services Increase Market Share

Using customer data to tailor service offerings can help capture larger market shares in targeted demographics.

Positive Social Media Presence Enhances Brand Image
Positive Social Media Presence Enhances Brand Image

Active, positive engagement on social media platforms enhances your brand’s image and attracts new customers.

Social Proof Boosts Online Visibility
Loyalty Programs Improve Customer Retention

Well-structured loyalty programs that reward customers for their tenure and usage can significantly improve retention.

Direct Customer Engagement Builds Trust
Direct Customer Engagement Builds Trust

Regular and transparent communication about service status, improvements, and customer benefits builds trust, discourages churn, and builds loyalty.

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Customer-Led Innovation Drives Growth

Incorporating customer feedback into service development ensures that new offerings are aligned with customer needs, driving sustainable growth.

Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty

How to Turn One-Time Purchases into Repeat Buyers


Frequently Asked Questions

Ambassador provides loyalty programs that reward customers for their continued subscriptions, helping to reduce churn and increase customer retention.

Yes, Ambassador can manage complex referral structures, including multi-tiered referrals, ensuring flexibility and effectiveness for telecom services.

Ambassador integrates with popular billing and CRM platforms, ensuring seamless data flow and campaign management. For a full list click here. Ambassador also builds custom integrations. 

Ambassador is scalable, allowing telecom companies to manage large-scale referral programs efficiently. It also has robust tracking and reporting features.

Telecom companies can offer various rewards, such as bill credits, free upgrades, and exclusive services, all of which can be managed through Ambassador.

Ambassador’s data centers are hosted with Amazon Web Services data centers in the state of Virginia in the United States. Data backups are also preserved in a US-based distributed database in Google Cloud.

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