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Welcome referred prospects with personalized messaging 

Use Ambassador to personalize your customer messaging, resulting in a more delightful customer experience.


Give your new prospects an exclusive offer or special discount

Loyalty customers are better customers. Use moments of delight during sign-up to create a loyalty flywheel.

Make your customer’s experience seamless, by rewarding them in the Ambassador customer portal - with discounts, free shipping, coupons, swag, exclusive access to sales or events, and gift cards available in 40 languages, and over 200 coun

Incentivize social proof and testimonials with loyalty points and swag

Generate more reviews, user generated content (UGC), and testimonials with loyalty programs that offer unique rewards, like swag, special offers, or points and cash.

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Reward high-volume referrers with tiered commission programs

Incentivize your best referrers to be even better, and stay loyal to your brand.

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Your existing customers are the cheapest
path to tremendous growth

Cut your acquisition costs and dramatically increase customer lifetime value
with Ambassador’s end-to-end word-of-mouth marketing and customer loyalty platform.

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