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Promote your program and encourage enrollment at every customer interaction

Use our engagement tools and first party data to understand your customers, promote your programs, and encourage enrollment.

Landing page enrollment

Install the refer-a-friend widget for easy social sharing

Allow your customers and ambassadors to refer easily from everywhere with custom QR codes and seamless social sharing via their app of choice.

Refer-a-Friend (RAF)

Reward referrals with gift cards, swag, and cash

The best incentives are varied: offer points, cash, gift cards, or other rewards to drive up referrals. 

Rewards for referrals

Identify and invest in ambassadors and platforms that perform best

With hundreds of millions of data points, Ambassador makes it easy for you to identify top performers and make analytics decisions based on performance, network effect, customer base, and platform.

Tracking and attribution

Use custom QR codes to get real-time engagement

Instead of sharing links, all you need to do is point and shoot. Add QR codes to your apple wallet, receipts, signs, or anywhere they fit.

Custom QR codes

Your existing customers are the best path to tremendous growth

Cut your acquisition costs and dramatically increase customer lifetime value
with Ambassador’s end-to-end W0rd-of-Mouth Marketing and Customer Loyalty Platform.

Trusted by the World's Fastest Growing and Most Respected Brands