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Promote your program incentives, and enroll affiliates on your website

Make it easy for your affiliates to sign up for your program directly on your website. Spread the word easily with Ambassador's robust communications, like SMS or QR codes, and target the right people at the right time with our customer data.

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Increase brand reach without sacrificing brand message

Spread your message via your affiliates by uploading assets as you see fit. Don't sacrifice your branding. Images, GIFs, eBook PDFs, videos; this is your space to represent and amplify your brand.

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Identify and invest in high-performing affiliates

Use Ambassador's millions of data points to understand who is performing well, and who isn't. Identify target markets and locations that are thriving.


All the tools your affiliates will need for success, in a convenient portal

With our easy-to-use portal, your affiliates will spend less time on our site, and more time spreading the word.

B2B Affiliate Portal

Accurate tracking and seamless global payouts that save time and build trust 

Never worry about tracking payouts or referrals again. We handle it all, automatically, and accurately.


Empower your affiliates to lead the path to tremendous growth

Cut your acquisition costs and dramatically increase customer lifetime value
with Ambassador’s end-to-end word-of-mouth marketing and customer loyalty platform.

Trusted by the World's Fastest Growing and Most Respected Brands

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