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Encourage repeat referrals with tiers that unlock exclusive rewards and higher earning thresholds. Offer awards to recognize milestones like energy generation thresholds, or badges to indicate progress and completion of learning modules.

Landing Page & Enrollment -2

Landing Page & Enrollment 

Seamlessly integrate our templates into your existing site and customer experience to promote your referral, affiliate, and loyalty programs.

Refer-a-Friend (RAF)-1

Refer-a-Friend (RAF)

Make it easy for customers to refer a friend from anywhere, anytime via social, email, or SMS.

Your Asset Library

Your Asset Library

Grow your reach without sacrificing your message. Equip your affiliates and customers with a library of branded multimedia assets to share to their network. Compatible with PDFs, GIFs, videos, audio files, and more.

Tracking and Attribution-3

Tracking and Attribution

Monitor affiliate and referral sales, clicks, and conversions in real time to identify top performers and key revenue drivers. Build and export reports and dashboards.

Commissions & Payouts-1

Commissions & Payouts

Reduce the workload of commission tracking and fulfillment with automated and manual approval payouts. Send global payouts to 200+ countries in 45+ different languages using ACH, PayPal, Gift Cards, and more. Stay safe with Fraud Alert AI to ensure legitimacy across your affiliates and referrers.

Customizable QR Codes-1

Customizable QR Codes

Generate customizable QR codes to add to promotional materials, invoices, receipts, or customer yard signs to track and attribute sales leads, neighborhood network effect, and referral effectiveness. 

Engagement Tools-3

Engagement Tools

Keep your program top of mind with automatic engagement campaigns that celebrate birthdays, energy milestones, or promote new products to customers or affiliate partners. Use our library of templates to get started.

Drive Value Along the Customer Journey


Awareness and Education

Use community events, workshops, and informative direct mail pieces to educate consumers about the benefits of solar energy and your specific offerings.


Consideration and Trust Building

During door-to-door interactions, focus on building trust through transparency, sharing personalized potential savings reports, and customer success stories.


Conversion and Onboarding

Simplify the conversion process with clear, straightforward information on costs, incentives, and installation. Use direct mail for follow-up communications that reassure and confirm the value of the investment.


Engagement and Usage

Keep customers engaged with regular updates on their energy production and savings, tips for maximizing their system’s efficiency, and news on additional services or community projects.


Retention and Loyalty

Implement a tiered loyalty program that rewards customers for system upgrades, referrals, and long-term commitment to renewable energy, communicated through personalized direct mail and door-to-door follow-ups.


Advocacy and Referral

Encourage and reward customers for becoming solar advocates within their communities, offering referral bonuses for new customer leads generated from their recommendations.

Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs


Automated Referral Programs

Implement an automated referral program using Ambassador, where current customers can easily refer friends and family through personalized links shared via email, social media, or messaging apps. Reward both the referrer and the referred with incentives such as discounts on their energy bills, exclusive merchandise, or even contributions towards renewable energy credits. This strategy significantly lowers acquisition costs by turning satisfied customers into a powerful sales force.


Targeted Social Proof Campaigns

Use Ambassador to capture and showcase customer testimonials and success stories on your website and social media platforms. Highlight the financial savings, increased property value, and positive environmental impact of installing your solar solutions. Prospective customers seeing real-life benefits directly from their peers can be more convincing than traditional marketing efforts, encouraging them to make the switch at a lower cost to you.


Engage Influencers and Local Ambassadors

Identify and partner with local influencers and environmental advocates who can share their experiences with your solar solutions through Ambassador. This approach taps into the influencer's follower base, expanding your reach and credibility with a lower investment compared to traditional advertising channels.


Leverage Data-Driven Insights for Precision Marketing

Utilize Ambassador’s analytics tools to understand which referral sources and campaigns are most effective. Invest more in these high-performing channels to attract new customers more efficiently, optimizing your marketing spend.


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Maximize Your Learner Lifetime Value


Tiered Rewards for Ongoing Referrals

Develop a tiered reward system within Ambassador where customers gain more valuable rewards as they refer more people. This could include escalating discounts, free energy audits, or even upgrades to their solar systems for multiple successful referrals. Encouraging ongoing referrals not only helps acquire new customers but also keeps existing customers engaged and loyal to your brand.


Exclusive Access for Top Referrers

Offer your most successful referrers exclusive access to new products, services, or community solar projects before they're available to the general public. This recognition not only rewards their efforts but also incentivizes them to continue their advocacy and remain loyal customers.


Customer Milestones Recognition

Celebrate milestones such as the anniversary of a solar panel installation or reaching certain energy production thresholds. Use Ambassador to automate the sending of personalized congratulatory messages and rewards, such as additional energy credits or exclusive brand merchandise, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Educational Content and Workshops

Provide valuable educational content and workshops on energy efficiency, new solar technologies, or sustainable living tips. Reward customers for participating and sharing these resources with others through Ambassador. Engaging customers with content relevant to their interests encourages them to stay connected with your brand and consider additional services or upgrades, increasing their CLTV.


With Ambassador, I’ve cut the time it takes me to track, manage, and fulfill referrals by an order of 10. And, as we’ve grown, the platform has grown alongside us. The impact it’s had on simplifying the entire process for us — and our customers — has been incredible.

- Caitlin Fitzgerald, Sales Operations, PosiGen
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Why are so many Solar and Renewable Energy brands investing in Customer-Led Growth?

Builds Community Trust
Builds Community Trust

Leveraging local advocates strengthens community trust in solar energy solutions.

Lowers Marketing Costs
Lowers Marketing Costs

Referral and loyalty programs reduce reliance on costly advertising and cold-calling tactics.

Accelerates Market Penetration
Accelerates Market Penetration

Word-of-mouth and community projects quickly build market presence in new areas.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction
Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Personalized engagement and rewards improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Strengthens Brand Reputation
Strengthens Brand Reputation

Positive customer experiences shared within communities enhance your brand’s reputation.

Encourages Repeat Business
Encourages Repeat Business

Loyalty programs incentivize customers to invest in upgrades and additional services.

Facilitates Direct Feedback
Facilitates Direct Feedback

Direct interactions with customers provide valuable insights for service improvement.

Increases Sales Efficiency
Increases Sales Efficiency

Referral leads tend to have a higher conversion rate, making sales efforts more efficient.

Supports Sustainable Growth
Supports Sustainable Growth

Customer-led growth aligns with the sustainable ethos of renewable energy companies.

Drives Long-Term Advocacy
Drives Long-Term Advocacy

Satisfied customers become long-term advocates for both your brand and renewable energy, contributing to broader industry growth.

Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty

How to Turn One-Time Purchases into Repeat Buyers


Frequently Asked Questions

Ambassador’s referral programs minimize friction and incentivize satisfied customers to refer friends and family, helping solar companies expand their customer base.

Yes, Ambassador can be tailored to support referral programs for both residential and commercial solar projects, ensuring flexibility and effectiveness.

Absolutely. Ambassador enables you to manage and track partner and affiliate marketing campaigns, driving growth and brand awareness.

Ambassador’s platform supports nurturing and engaging potential customers over long sales cycles, keeping your brand top-of-mind until they are ready to convert.

Effective rewards for this industry can include cash incentives, discounts on future services, or donations to environmental causes, all of which Ambassador can manage.

Ambassador’s data centers are hosted with Amazon Web Services data centers in the state of Virginia in the United States. Data backups are also preserved in a US-based distributed database in Google Cloud.

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