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Turn your happiest customers into revenue-driving brand evangelists

Benefit from the trust you’ve worked so hard to earn. Ambassador’s software lets you engage with your contact list meaningfully and turn their micro-networks into a robust, high-conversion sales funnel. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, while 83% of customers are willing to provide referrals.

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It’s a fact:
referred customers are better customers

Research has repeatedly shown that referred leads close faster, buy more, and stay longer — all with significantly less effort and at a much lower CPA than non-referred prospects. In fact, brands see a 25% higher profit margin from referred customers versus other channels.

Referred customers are better customers-fixed

Ambassador is
the platform that
does it all

It’s time to ditch the pen and paper. Ambassador allows you to manage all your referral, affiliate, influencer, and partner marketing programs - all in one place. Our flexible platform empowers you to create new campaigns in minutes, not days. And, with our easy-to-use visual editor, you can ensure a seamless customer experience across all your touchpoints.


Referral Programs

With Ambassador’s referral tracking software, you can create and scale customer referral programs that work for your customers and your business. Deliver native sharing experiences throughout the customer journey, making it fun and easy for your biggest fans to promote your brand. Generate organic word-of-mouth, and track all your referral traffic, even if they convert on a different device or a later date.

Influencer Programs

Delivering automated cash payouts and tiered commission models to your influencers are simple with Ambassador’s PayPal integration, ensuring your affiliates get paid accurately and on-time. And, our advanced reporting allows your marketing team to know which affiliates generate traffic, leads, or purchases.

Partner Programs

No more manual spreadsheets or uploading and downloading - our world-class Success Team will coach you through how to easily integrate, launch, automate, and scale your custom partner program…

Affiliate Programs

Delivering automated cash payouts and tiered commission models to your affiliates are simple with Ambassador’s PayPal integration, ensuring your affiliates get paid accurately and on-time. And, our advanced reporting allows your marketing team to know which affiliates generate traffic, leads, or purchases.

referral-program Partner program Partner program affiliate-program

The global rewards your customers want.

Personalized rewards with gift cards, ACH, direct transfer, swag, early access or exclusive offers. 


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Multi-Tiered Programs

Bond your customers by setting personalized rewards that increase with each loyalty tier. Reward users with personalized incentives and experiences, boosting customer retention.

Flexible Payment Options

Turn earned loyalty points into anything - gift cards, swag, exclusive offers - our points system easily manages the conversion and fulfillment.

Global Rewards Capabilities

Ambassador allows you to offer rewards in over 40 countries and more than 200 languages around the world.

Advanced Fraud Protection

Ambassador offers a transparent, privacy-focused ecosystem with customizable control of permissions for both the business and your customers.

Why do the fastest-growing brands choose Ambassador?


Easy to set up


Ambassador’s out-of-the-box solution allows you to earn referrals right away.

Customizable branding


White-labeled to seamlessly match your brand's look and feel.

Flexible integration


Connects with your website CRM, CDP, and more with just a few clicks.

Advanced tracking and analytics


Track your success and optimize your program with data-driven decisions.

Multiple reward options


Gift cards, coupons and even cash - in 40 languages and over 200 countries.

Customer success


Our team of experts are  available to help you over video, call, email, or chat.

Ambassador works with the business services and software you trust

Ambassador uses simple integrations to connect to your favorite CRM and business tools, giving you the ability to streamline your campaign management from registration to commission approvals. Our Open REST API means any business can use and benefit from Ambassador’s leading-edge referral marketing program for their more complex integration needs.


Integrations you know and trust

Check out the Ambassador developer hub


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Omnichannel Capabilities
1 Custom Rewards
Custom Rewards
2 Multiple Campaigns
Multiple Campaigns
3 Email & CRM Integrations
Email & CRM Integrations
4 Designated Success Coach
Designated Success Coach
5 Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics
6 Phone & Online Support
Phone & Online Support
8 Complete White-Labeling
Complete White-Labeling
9 Smart Segmentation
Smart Segmentation
10 Easy-to-Use Templates
Easy-to-Use Templates
11 Automated Payouts
Automated Payouts
12 Team Roles
Team Roles
13 Email Automation
Email Automation
14 Mobile Optimized
Mobile Optimized
15 Gated Program Access
Gated Program Access
16 eCommerce Integrations
eCommerce Integrations
17 Onboarding Support
Onboarding Support
18 Billing Integrations
Billing Integrations
19 Open REST API
20 Webhooks
21 Enterprise Security
Enterprise Security
22 Enterprise SLA
Enterprise SLA
23 iOS & Android SDK
iOS & Android SDK
24 Cash Payouts
Cash Payouts
25 Gift Cards
Gift Cards
26 Points & Account Credits
Points & Account Credits
27 Coupons & Voucher Codes
Coupons & Voucher Codes
28 Multi-Language
29 Hosted Ambassador Portal
Hosted Ambassador Portal
30 Multi-Currency
31 Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On
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