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Refer-a-Friend Widget

Earn high quality, low-cost referrals from your learners with the Ambassador Refer-a-Friend (RAF) widget. Give learners access to a unique referral link and QR code they can share to their platform of choice. Our first-party tracking and attribution tools provide valuable insights into your network effectiveness.

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Learner Engagement Portal

A flexible, fully customizable space to engage your learners. Encourage them to complete courses, continue their education, and share branded marketing assets or their referral links with their network of friends and family. 

The learner portal is easily integrated with your existing student portal for a seamless experience.

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Incentivize learners to complete courses, share their certificates, continue their learning, or even fill out valuable surveys with the Tasks Carousel. The interactive carousel is easily customized to match any branding requirements and flexible to support endless use cases.

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Badges add gamification to motivate learner participation and help them form good habits. These can be earned by performing tasks like streaks, numbers of courses completed, or set to whatever behavior you want to encourage.

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Tier Tracker

Use tiers to add another level of gamification to encourage positive learner behavior. The customizable bar displays the participant’s current tier level, their points balance, and their distance from the next tier goal.

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Reward Panel

Let your learners redeem points earned in your program easily with Ambassador’s intuitive reward panel. Add your own rewards like tuition credits, access to special events, exclusive swag, or choose from the extensive selection of gift cards offered by our partners at Tango. 

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Asset Library

Equip your learners with a library of multimedia assets to share on their social media platforms of choice. Upload a wide range of resources like PDFs, animated gifs, videos, audio files and more.

Drive Engagement and Revenue At Each Step of the Learner's Journey


Awareness and Education

Partner with educational influencers to create content around course topics, using Ambassador to track enrollments and create brand awareness through trusted, credible sources.


Registration and Enrollment

Increase the chance of enrollment with special offers for your referred learners, like tuition credits or school swag. Leverage the success stories of your alumni to inspire the learner to commit.


Learning and Development

Reward learners for course completion, participation in forums, or passing exams using Ambassador. Offer perks like discounts on future courses or exclusive content to keep learners engaged.


Completion and Certification

Celebrate learner achievements with digital certificates, badges, or credentials that they can share on their professional profiles, such as LinkedIn. This not only validates their effort but also encourages them to showcase their new skills to their network.


Post-Completion Engagement

Keep alumni engaged with professional networks, advanced courses, or continuous learning opportunities. Regularly share industry insights, updates on new courses, and exclusive offers to encourage lifelong learning and repeated enrollments.


Advocacy and Referral

Encourage satisfied learners to become brand advocates by sharing their success stories and experiences on social media, within their professional networks, or through referral programs. Offer incentives for referrals to new learners, such as discounts on future courses, to promote word-of-mouth marketing.

Reduce Your Learner Acquisition Costs


Referral Discounts for Courses

Encourage learners to refer friends and family to courses by offering discounts for both the referrer and the referee. This method leverages existing customer networks to attract new learners efficiently.


Leverage Success Stories

Use Ambassador to collect and share learner success stories and testimonials. Highlighting career advancements or skill improvements can attract new learners by showcasing real outcomes.


Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Establish referral programs with industry leaders or companies that can benefit from your courses, offering them or their employees discounts. This opens up new customer channels at lower acquisition costs.


Incentives for Social Sharing

Reward learners for sharing their course progress or certificates on social media, increasing visibility and attracting new learners through trusted personal networks.

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Maximize Your Learner Lifetime Value


Rewards for Course Completion

Offer incentives for completing courses, such as discounts on future courses or access to exclusive content, encouraging continuous learning and platform engagement.


Membership Benefits for Continuous Learners

Provide membership benefits, including access to a private community, live Q&A sessions with instructors, or early access to new courses, rewarding loyalty and fostering a sense of belonging.


Personalized Learning Pathways

Use data to offer personalized learning recommendations. Encouraging learners to enroll in additional courses that align with their goals can increase CLTV.


Recognition for Advocacy

Recognize and reward learners who become brand advocates, sharing their learning experiences and referring new learners. Offer them spotlight opportunities in newsletters or on the platform, deepening their engagement and loyalty.

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WGU recorded 30K+ referrals [in three years]. Ambassador has been an immense help in optimizing our referral efforts—which were initially all tracked via spreadsheets and a lot of manual labor. We’ve been able to utilize the tool to run several different campaigns for both virtual and in-person events… We love working with the Ambassador tool and the team!

- Savannah Bernardo, Western Governors University
Case Study

Ambassador + Learners Edge

Leveraging Technology to Take a Referral Program to the Next Level

White Paper

By the Numbers - e-Learning, Training, and Education

A deep dive into the results Ambassador’s online education customers see from referral marketing technology

Why Are So Many Leading eLearning, Training, and Education Brands Investing in Customer-Led Growth?

Reduces Learner Acquisition Costs

Leverage the power of word-of-mouth and affiliate partnerships to reduce costs associated with attracting new learners through traditional advertising. Satisfied learners share their positive experiences, acting as authentic brand ambassadors.

Boosts Learner Engagement and Retention

Reward learners for their course completions, reviews, and referrals to address the challenge of engagement drop-offs. Create an engaging onboarding experience for new learners, encouraging them to commit to their learning journey.

Unlocks Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Analyze learners’ course completion histories and engagement patterns to identify opportunities for recommending advanced or complementary courses, boosting enrollment rates and learner progression.

Streamlines the Enrollment Process

Referrals from trusted sources can significantly shorten the learner’s decision-making process. By bringing in prospects who already have a favorable view of your brand, you facilitate quicker enrollments.

Facilitates Market and Audience Expansion

Entering new educational markets becomes smoother with word-of-mouth and influencer referrals, enabling you to reach untapped learner demographics with the backing of trusted endorsements.

Enhances Brand Visibility and Authority

Achieve wider recognition and authority in your educational niche with learner testimonials and affiliate endorsements, using social platforms and educational forums to amplify your reach.

Builds Trust and Credibility with Prospective Learners

Potential learners are more likely to trust and enroll in your courses when they see genuine testimonials, user-generated content, and positive peer reviews, influencing their decision-making.

Optimizes Marketing Efficiency

Redirect marketing efforts from high-cost channels to more effective referral and loyalty programs, witnessing a better engagement rate and ROI, with actionable insights into campaign performances.

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Personalizes the Learning Experience

Tailor learning paths, course recommendations, and communication based on insights gained from learner interactions, enhancing satisfaction and encouraging continuous engagement with your content.

Encourages Product and Content Improvement

Gather invaluable feedback directly from your learners, especially those engaged enough to make referrals or participate in loyalty programs. Use this feedback to refine course content, enhance learning platforms, and improve learner experience.

Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty

How to Turn One-Time Purchases into Repeat Buyers


Frequently Asked Questions

Ambassador’s referral programs encourage current students to refer friends and peers, driving enrollment growth for eLearning platforms.

Ambassador’s learner portal is seamlessly integrated into any logged-in student experience online and our Open REST API can be connected to virtually any existing learning platform.

Yes, Ambassador allows you to create customized reward structures tailored to both educators and students, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

By offering personalized rewards and incentives, Ambassador helps keep students engaged and motivated to complete their courses.

Ambassador provides detailed insights into referral activity, student engagement, and program performance, helping eLearning platforms optimize their strategies.

Ambassador’s data centers are hosted with Amazon Web Services data centers in the state of Virginia in the United States. Data backups are also preserved in a US-based distributed database in Google Cloud.

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