Ambassador + salesforce

Create, track and manage all your word-of-mouth marketing with Ambassador

Enroll, engage and track your best customers with our native Salesforce Managed Package for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Ambassador’s native managed package is built on the trusted & scalable Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

How it works

Build: Build referral and loyalty programs that reward your happiest customers and help you grow revenue at a fraction of the cost of your other channels.

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Commissions/Incentives: Open a commission record to view details like the related Opportunity, and even approve, unapprove, or deny pending commissions.

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Simple setup: To make setup even simpler, start with the Ambassador flow template and customize it as needed to fit your use-case.

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Visibility: For added visibility on standard records, add our Related lists and/or create field automations to map and display details about the referrer from their Ambassador customer object.

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User Flow Automation: Automatically update a commission status when it meets or does not meet a set of criteria.

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Record View: View the Ambassador’s locale details and related lists like their campaign member share links, referee’s, commissions, and more.

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Manage Contacts: Manage all of your Ambassador contacts, along with related commissions, sharelinks, and more.

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Data Sync: Easily sync your data from Ambassador to SFDC within custom objects on a sync interval that you control.

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Scalability: Using Ambassadors SFDC managed package it is easy to scale across divisions and globally with a simple push of buttons.

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Why companies choose Ambassador + Salesforce

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Easy to set up
Easy to
set up
Ambassador’s out-of-the-box solution allows you to earn referrals right away
Customizable branding-1
Customizable branding
White-labeled to seamlessly match your brand's look and feel
Advanced tracking and analytics-1
Advanced tracking and analytics

Track your success and optimize your program with data-driven decisions

Flexible integration-1

Connects with your website CRM, CDP, and more with just a few clicks

Multiple reward options-1
Multiple reward options

Gift cards, coupons and even cash - in 40 languages and over 200 countries

Customer success-1

Our team of experts are available to help you over video, call, email, or chat

Sales-force-logo Sales-forceimg
Automate across every customer engagement
Automate across every customer engagement
Save time and spend to deliver impactful engagement across your customer-base; referral, email, incentives, SKD, SMS, and loyalty.
Optimize performance in weeks not months
Optimize performance in weeks not months
Drive ROI and maximize spend with an easy-to-integrate platform.
Automate engagement across every channel
Automate engagement
across every channel
Meet customers in the moments that matter, unlock value using real-time data across channels and teams.
Trusted by Leading Brands
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Ambassador has the tools we need to optimise the customer experience and accelerate our push into digital which is why we selected it to be our primary platform for customer engagement.”
- H&R Block

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