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Influencer Marketing: Rent or Own?

Exploring a New Way to Build a Smarter, More Organic Influencer Marketing Strategy

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The Definitive Guide to Affiliate Marketing

How to develop authentic relationships to build and scale affiliate programs

When it comes to building out successful...

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How to Leverage B2B Affiliate Marketing to Increase Lead Generation

When it comes to increasing leads, how can brands ensure their B2B affiliate marketing program is driving pipeline growth?...

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13 Affiliate Management Tips For Program Managers

Affiliate management isn't an easy task. It's not about having a ton of members in your affiliate marketing program that may...

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How To Build An Automated Referral Marketing Machine

Developing measurement, management, and analytics functionality in-house for an automated referral marketing program is...

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Tips for Managing Affiliate, Influencer, and Referral Programs Under One Roof

If you follow marketing thought leaders or read best practice blogs, you’ve seen the evolving roster of trending ways to...

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