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3 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are an effective way to drive conversions and increase revenue, but brand ambassadors can also help with qualitative tasks.

3 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs Brand Ambassadors

Building brand awareness involves… well, you know the drill. Producing quality content, being active and engaging on social media, sending out email newsletters to the masses… lather, rinse, repeat.

What if there were an easier way to spread the word about your business? A way that didn't involve having to spend hours behind the computer, strategizing, planning and carrying out your marketing activities? What if you could tap into the results of all the work you’ve already done to gain satisfied customers and then use this to reach even more prospects? You can. By recruiting your own army of passionate brand ambassadors.

The fact is, word of mouth marketing remains the most powerful tool for converting new prospects into paying customers. In fact, a recent study revealed that while consumer trust in various types of ads and other marketing tactics ranges between about 50-65%, that number jumps to an incredible 84% when it comes to recommendations from others.

Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why this tactic will get you amazing results.



1) Brand ambassadors bridge the gap.


Your marketing team can only do so much. You can only reach so far, spend so much and work so hard before you’ve exhausted your resources. Having brand ambassadors provides a nearly unlimited extension of your internal marketing department, allowing the cycle to run continuously on autopilot.

This is especially helpful if you have a small team and want to establish a presence at various events, but are limited in terms of time, money or other resources. Can’t make it to that big trade show coming up? No problem. Just recruit one of your ambassadors to represent your brand and you’ve suddenly found the way to be in dozens of places at once.



2) Brand ambassadors expand your reach exponentially.


There’s a limit to how many prospects you can reach through a given marketing campaign. Your social media marketing efforts are limited to the connections you have online, and those that will (hopefully) find you through other avenues, such as through organic search, ads, etc.

Now think, for a moment, about how many connections your brand ambassadors have. If each of these people, who are passionate about your product or service and eager to spread the word, are connected to hundreds or maybe even thousands of others, who in turn have their own substantial networks – the sky is the limit. Brand ambassadors can help to expand your reach well beyond what you could ever achieve on your own.



3) Brand ambassadors are the eyes in the back of your head.


It’s hard to really monitor what’s going on around you when you’re neck-deep in work all day, every day. Yet feedback is an essential part of the continued success of your business. By being constantly aware and putting their feelers out on your behalf, brand ambassadors can keep an eye on what’s happening – both with your customers and with your competition. Encourage your ambassadors to come to you with any and all feedback that they feel is relevant – even the negative stuff. This will help you continue to improve on your product or service.

You can also tap into your brand ambassadors for their own feedback on new launches you’re planning. Give them an early sneak peak and ask what their thoughts are so you can make any necessary tweaks before officially rolling out your new offerings to the public.

Marketing your business is hard work. Tireless, even. But if you have the right team – including those that are outside your company, but are still passionate about your brand – you’ll be well on your way to success.


What are you waiting for? Get started recruiting your own army of brand ambassadors today and see your hard work begin to pay off.

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