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Reengaging Your Brand Ambassadors: Free White Paper

A disengaged brand ambassador is an ambassador that isn't helping you generate revenue. Learn about "Reengaging Your Brand Ambassadors" in this free white paper.

Like a churning customer base, brand ambassador disengagement is a significant concern for your business. It is far from inevitable, though. Disengaged ambassadors can be effectively brought back to active status…with the right strategies.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • - How to think about your disengaged ambassadors
  • - Specific strategies to reengage these ambassadors and return them to productivity
  • - What actions will be most effective at reengaging ambassadors

Download our free whitepaper and start reengaging your brand ambassadors today!



A customer referral program depends on the activity of its brand ambassadors. They are active recruiters, making appeals to their networks to visit your site or consider your product. If they lose that energy and initiative, your referral program will quickly collapse.

As with anyone, though, a brand ambassador has myriad distractions to sabotage their referral progress.

Even if the incentives you offer at the onset are significant, a period of stagnancy on the part of a brand ambassador can disconnect them from your program entirely.

This is why the operation of a referral program, while not particularly time intensive, requires consistent attention. There is certainly a degree of self-sustenance in a referral program, but to make it as effective (and lucrative) as possible, you need to keep your brand ambassadors engaged and active.

With this reality established, the question becomes how to keep brand ambassadors engaged. This whitepaper will explore some of the options available and the reasoning behind them.

Looking to get your refer a friend program off the ground? Check out our free eBooks Turning Customers into Brand Ambassadors and How to Choose the Right Incentive Structure for Your Ambassador Program now.


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