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Lessons in Social Media: What Brands Can Learn From Celebrities

Develop a superstar social media marketing strategy with help from your favorite celebrities.

In a perfect social media world, your clients, followers, readers, and subscribers would hunt you down for new information, comment incessantly, and become loyal fans in the matter of minutes it takes to devour a new piece of content. Your queue would also fill up with perfectly edited and backlinked new content in sweet conjunction with the editorial calendar, creating a consistent pulse of branded content. Sounds nice, right? Well, come back down to earth.

Here, your audience of fans and customers are inundated with messaging on every single platform imaginable and it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out among the noise. Luckily, the cosmos have sent down a select group of individuals that have crafted a social media dream world of their own. In some circles these beacons of well-lit selfies and irresistible snippets are known as celebrities, but for right now, we’ll refer to them as social media experts. Sit back, relax, and discover how to develop a 5-star social media strategy worthy of a celebrity.


Unbelievable Justin Bieber fever

Do you know how hard it is to scan celebrities on social media without stumbling upon the Biebs? After rising to singing superstardom from his humble YouTube start, he’s maintained an enviable social media presence. Facebook is his most comprehensive social page. It’s filled with pictures, posts, videos, and news announcements that couldn’t live anywhere else. His Facebook profile features bits and pieces from each of his other well-followed accounts and acts as a proverbial yearbook of his actions.

A purposeful Facebook marketing strategy: Treat your Facebook like a bulletin board of everything your brand has been up to. Did you shoot a new video or get mentioned in the news? This is the best place for a patchworked timeline that will keep your audience in the loop and up to date.


Beyonce knows best

On the surface, it seems like a no-brainer that Beyonce’s fame would extend into her social media profiles, but her social media strategy is about more than pretty pictures. One visit to her Instagram page and you’re greeted with a curated grid of her everyday life, performances, and announcements of her latest projects. Beyonce, with the help of her 61.9 million followers have used this platform to give an extra dimension to the singer’s super airbrushed, perfectly timed persona. The best part? She’s not following anyone, so she’s winning the quantity and quality game.

How to get your Instagram marketing strategy into formation: Showcase your taste and debut upcoming projects for a detailed and inspiring presence. If you do it right, your Instagram can turn into a visual journey for your followers.


DJ Khaled dominates

No surprises here, the person that’s overhauled your Snapchat is at the top of our minds too. Snapchat is the perfect stage for fleeting stories that attract views and laughs, but few celebrity Snapchats lived as long as DJ Khaled. Snapchat viewers have forged a tight digital relationship with DJ Khaled. Over the last few months, DJ Khaled pushed Snapchat culture forward, complete with sayings, breakfast preferences, and emojis. Can you think of anyone else you’ve watered plants and jet skied with as frequently?

Major Snapchat marketing key: Let your fans know what you’re into, where you’re going, and get them onboard. Instead of leaving them lost (on a jet ski) in the dark, illuminate the cool things you do and don’t be afraid to be fun and personable.


Cristiano Ronaldo crushes it

Cristiano scores on every social media field, but he’s a huge hit on Twitter. He's mastered the fine art of creating a conversational and entertaining feed that highlights his involvement in everything from philanthropy to photoshoots. Cristiano’s profile provides a welcome balance between the professional and personal to give his followers a multidimensional look at his everyday life.

Twitter marketing strategy goal: Twitter is for much more than text posts, switch up the content with rich media. Don’t just stand on the sidelines, jump in and contribute to the conversation.


Honest aesthetics with Jessica Alba

It’s pretty hard to classify Jessica Alba these days, but one glance at her Pinterest and you’ll be able to see where Honest Company gets its taste-making chops. Jessica’s feed is full of health & wellness, style, and interior design pins. Jessica acknowledges that her singular voice represents Honest Company’s larger brand persona and uses that authority to make audience-centric content. Pinterest is the perfect place to carve out a particular aesthetic of likes and inspiration.

Pinterest-perfect marketing strategy: Create boards that are easy to find and follow. Items can be curated in a bucketed way, so don’t be afraid to explore seemingly unrelated themes and showcase them publicly.

Your Superstar Social Media Strategy

Even if it seems like social media advances one step ahead of us each day, your brand can take a slow and steady approach to dominating the perfect social media world, one platform at a time. When you create a cohesive and consistent brand voice, your customers will feel comfortable interacting with, talking about, and recommending your business online.

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