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    When and How to Ask for Referrals

    When And How To Ask For Referrals

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    So your referral program is up and running and just like we suggested, you've enrolled your loyal customers. But what about everyone else? Don’t quite know where to start? Well, let's start by thinking of when and how to ask for referrals.

    When To Ask For Referrals

    No matter which referral software you use, one of the keys to running a successful referral program is pretty simple: talk about it. Mention it to every customer you have and let it be known at every event, sales demo, and even print business cards that mention your referral program. Here are some simple tips to get you started:

    Start asking now

    Referrals allow customers to share their experience with your brand, but what about those that haven't had first-hand experience with your product? Lead with your brand! Your company can use each touchpoint (social, email, content, etc.) as an opportunity to further engage and attract referrals. There’s no telling how many brand ambassadors and revenue builders are waiting to advocate for your business and bring in new customers.

    Figure out what matters

    Every time a user signs up for a newsletter, purchases a product or does a specific sequence of preferred actions, you can reward them for their behavior. Discover which activity matters the most to your business and pinpoint how users can be guided to contribute to this data point. 

    Ditch manual programs

    Trust us, as your business grows, it’ll become harder to manually manage contacts. Phone numbers, emails, and addresses just don’t translate into manageable and trackable assets for your business. You’ll need an automated referral marketing solution for that. Organize your customer’s useful information into a system that is flexible, manageable and trackable. Automated referral marketing software allows you to break your growing network down into segments for more specific and strategic targeting so you can focus on strategizing and optimizing your program.

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    How To Ask For Referrals

    If your company doesn't know how to ask for referrals, then your customers will not feel empowered to talk about your brand.

    Go straight to the source

    According to the Wharton School of Business, 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services, but only 29% actually do. Every element of your company’s marketing outreach provides an opportunity to ask for referrals. Whether you’re talking to existing customers or a brand new lead, invite members of your network to spread the word about your brand.

    Be easy to find

    Make it easier for your customers to find your brand and stay up to date by maintaining a consistent digital imprint. Instead of creating barriers for prospective customers, clear a path that allows customers to opt-in to your referral network. Landing pages, account profiles and shopping carts can become portals for referrals. 

    Share information organically

    Set the tone for your referrals by finding organic and useful ways to share information with your audience. Referrals build and spread between members of the same network, so use simple language and logical platforms to cast the referral net. Make it easy for customers by offering shareable links that can be emailed, tweeted, or even texted to your customers in the referral process.

    What Now?

    Think about the goals that you have for your brand and your audience, where do the two intersect? Referrals can fill in that space. Referral marketing programs look different for every company and their unique customers, so what will it look like for you? You’ll never know if you never ask.

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