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20 Influencer Platform FAQs To Ask Potential Vendors 

Asking questions is crucial to finding an influencer platform and partner for your brand. Here are 20 questions to ask during your search for the perfect vendor.

In an age where marketing is increasingly driven by technology, searching for an influencer platform can be downright overwhelming. But asking questions is crucial to finding the right influencer marketing platform for your brand. The more you learn up front, the easier it will be to make an informed decision.

Most marketing leaders know that one of their most important responsibilities has little to do with marketing. Instead, a big chunk of their time is spent with procurement — evaluating, buying, and implementing the right marketing technologies and then building strategies around them.

The problem is that choosing the “right” solution is easier said than done. With dozens of marketing channels and thousands of technologies to choose from, it’s increasingly difficult to decide where to allocate your time and budget. So when you’re evaluating a potential vendor, come prepared with a detailed list of questions.

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  1. To help make the vendor selection process easier for you, here are 20 questions to ask during your search for the perfect influencer marketing platform.

  2. 1. What’s the average ROI achieved using your platform?

  3. 2. What’s the level of satisfaction with the support you provide to clients?

  4. 3. Do you have an NPS score and/or client reviews you can share?

  5. 4. How has the product evolved over time to better meet evolving needs?

  6. 5. How responsive is your Support team to questions and troubleshooting issues?

  7. 6. How often does your Success team proactively reach out to clients to coach them or offer best practices?

  8. 7. What extra work, if any, will be required to get the technology up and running so that it will fit our needs?

  9. 8. Does using the technology require any special skill sets (like coding) that we may not already have on our team?

  10. 9. Are any third-party integrations required to get all of the functionality we desire?

  11. 10. Can the product be easily customized? If so, will that cost extra?

  12. 11. How many people on your team are dedicated to continually improving and updating the product?

  13. 12. What is your mobile platform like? Is it a truly native mobile SDK?

  14. 13. Does your technology support omni-channel campaigns?

  15. 14. Does your influencer platform offer global functionality, i.e., multi-language, multi-currency, etc.?

  16. 15. What security measures are in place to prevent fraud, flag fake users, and detect risk?

  17. 16. What level of customer support do you offer?

  18. 17. Do you offer dedicated account managers to help us achieve our objectives?

  19. 18. How happy are your employees? Would they recommend your solution?

  20. 19. Do you have any Glassdoor or employee reviews you can share?

  21. 20. What's your company culture like? (Is the vendor a culture fit for your team?)

The Search for an Influencer Platform

In addition to asking questions, it's always a good idea to demand proof. Ask to see case studies from companies similar to yours that have accomplished what you aspire to do by using an influencer platform. Furthermore, does the vendor have clients that you can directly speak to? Would they recommend the vendor to others without hesitation? It's also important to ask about current and future functionality and push them to show you how any specific features you're interested in work. A promise is only good if the vendor can actually deliver on it.

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