Thousands of New Customers

Learn how in just 3 months, a global financial giant migrated from another vendor and took their referral program from lackluster to legendary.

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Businesses Growing With Ambassador

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Sharing the referral love

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Case Studies

Learn about how these companies succeeded and see the results

Conversions Jump 300%

Learn how this global tech organization leveraged Ambassador’s open API to create, integrate, and manage their referral program.

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Scoops up 800% ROI

Discover how this innovative brand manages affiliate, influencer, and referral marketing on one platform.

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#Growth via Referrals

Read how this international eCommerce brand used its Instagram-worthy product and referral technology as a key component of its growth strategy.

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Referrals Attract 1,000+ New Clients

See how Ambassador has helped this award-winning tech platform simplify, automate, and dramatically scale its referral results.

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Thousands of New Customers

Learn how this global financial organization generated a massive number of referrals after coming to Ambassador from a competing vendor.

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90% of New Students via Referrals

See how this online platform utilized Ambassador to take its organic word-of-mouth to the next level.

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Referrals Deliver 60K+ New Orders

Discover how referral marketing is generating hundreds of new customers per month and new recurring revenue for this men’s fashion service.

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Automation Does the Heavy Lifting

Learn how leveraging Ambassador to automate a referral program led this forward-thinking brand to hundreds of new customers.

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Referrals Power Success

Learn about how this award-winning brand switched referral software vendors for seamless integrations and robust functionality.

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Multiple Programs Feed Growth

Read how a well-known pet food company has generated 8X ROI while building better customer relationships.

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Over 18K New Brand Ambassadors

See how this global brand leveraged a platform that seamlessly integrates with its many other third-party systems.

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Celebrity Influencer Brings in $400K+

Read how a viral influencer campaign generated over $400K in revenue and thousands of new customers via referrals in less than three weeks.

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Referrals Drive 60K+ New Customers

Discover how Ambassador helped a tech company scale their referral program with their quickly changing business.

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Referrals Reenergize Monthly Sales

This energy provider drove a large portion of new business through referrals, while also significantly reducing the amount of time spent managing the program.

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Ambassador powers some of the world's largest brands

Don't take it from us, here's what our customers are saying

"Ambassador’s technical aptitude is top-notch. The team truly understands referral marketing, the product is very high quality, and the benefits we're seeing far outweigh the costs. I would absolutely recommend Ambassador to other large organizations."

Tatiana at HP

Tatiana Torres

Product Manager

"Ambassador is the right blend of power and simplicity. We are using the referral marketing platform and seeing incredible results with our affiliate program."

Alberto at FuboTV

Alberto Horihuela


"Ambassador is an awesome marketing partner for us. The product is very flexible and does everything we need, plus much more. And Ambassador's success team is always on top of it; it's great to work with true experts."

Sean at Ria

Sean Callaghan

Manager, CRM

"If all of our website traffic converted like our referrals do, we'd be generating more than twice as many customers."

AJ at PillPack

AJ Renick

Director of Acquisition and Analytics