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Using Social Media to Create a Buzz about Your Brand

Using Social Media to Create a Buzz about Your Brand

Using Social Media to Create a Buzz about Your Brand

With over 757 billion daily active users on Facebook and 241 million monthly active Twitter users, there’s no question where to find your target audience. Regardless of demographic, people across the globe are turning to social media as a way to not only connect with one another, but to also learn more and engage with brands they do business with.

Yet simply having a presence on these and other social media platforms isn’t necessarily enough to get you the results you’re looking for. If you want to increase brand awareness and gain more traction, you have to find a way to create a buzz. That is, get people talking about, sharing and promoting your brand. Here are a few simple yet highly effective ways to do this for your organization.

Understand who you’re trying to reach first.

You won’t get much traction for your brand if you’re trying to create a buzz in places where your target audience is least likely to be found. Before creating any kind of marketing campaign, you must understand where to find those you’re trying to reach so you don’t waste your time, money and resources barking up the wrong tree. For instance, if you’re targeting consumers in the 45-65 range, Facebook is likely your best bet, while Pinterest may be better for targeting the female demographic, since four times more women than men use this platform.

Piggyback on what’s already trending.

The easiest way to create a buzz on social media is to find out what people are already talking about and then figure out a way to incorporate your brand message into the mix. For instance, you could organize a fundraiser during breast cancer month or promote your own “go green” message around Earth Day. Tap into what your target audience is already interested in and you’ll have already achieved half the battle.

Think outside the box.

Now more than ever people are craving something that is new and exciting. They don’t want to see the same old tired marketing campaigns over and over – especially on social media, where most people go to relax, socialize and have fun. Keep this in mind when planning a buzzworthy campaign or event and don’t be afraid to be creative. The more unique the offering, the more likely your audience will be to take interest and more importantly – share it with others.

Once it’s buzzing, keep it going.

Getting your brand to trend on social media is not something you just set and forget. Otherwise, all your hard work will be wasted. Once your brand is buzzing, join the conversation and keep people talking. Not only does this extend your reach further and for a longer period of time, but it shows your customers and your prospects that you’re there and you’re listening. That goes a long way.

Why is creating a buzz so important? It’s simple, really. The more people are talking about, engaging with and sharing your brand, the more likely you’ll be to convert those people to paying customers. In fact, a recent study by Vision Critical showed that 40% of social media users have purchased a product after sharing, “liking” or “favoriting” it. What’s more, the same study found that SMM drives both online and in-store purchases at nearly equal rates.

In other words, if you’re not trending you’re missing out. By putting these simple steps into motion, you’ll see your brand recognition – and the success of your business – begin to snowball.

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