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Writing Headlines That Drive Brand Ambassador Conversions

A headline is the friendly face that will draw brand ambassadors into your referral program. Learn the secrets to effective headline writing today!

If your referral rewards program is the body of your social media strategy, then a headline is the friendly face that will draw in customers.

Put simply, an effective headline is your best shot at getting customers to continue reading down the page and learn more about the benefits of your referral rewards program. But a headline can do more than grab a customer’s attention—it can also communicate the full value of your referral program in just a brief statement and start building powerful brand ambassadors.

Pretty cool, right?

You may recognize the following list from an earlier post called “5 Components of an Optimized Referral Partner Landing Page.” But let’s review four things you should keep in mind before you put your fingers to the keyboard:

Appeal: How appealing is the offer to a potential brand ambassador?

Relevance: How relevant is the offer to your target audience?

Clarity: Is it easy for a potential brand ambassador to understand your offer?

Credibility: How legitimate is your offer? Customers will be turned off by pie-in-the-sky promises like “Make $10,000 a month from home!” Convey the value of the referral reward program to your customers, but keep it in line with the actual benefits.

We posted another article about crafting effective value propositions and calls to action (CTAs) to drive brand ambassador conversions. So you should have all the tools you need to get started. But if you’re stuck with a bit of writer’s block, here are a few ideas to get you going:

A question headline is a good way to frame the program in the minds of your customers. If you can get them to answer the “why” from the onset, they’ll be primed to convert to brand ambassadors. Keep it simple; your headline should ask a question that a customer can immediately answer. A good example of this is “Want to get rewards from the brands you love?” Uh, of course I do! Well then, it’s time to sign up! Ultimately, this technique will only work if you know who your customers are and what they’re looking for. So be sure you’ve done your homework on these two areas.

A benefit headline announces the advantages of your rewards program right off the bat. To pull this one off, you need to know three things: your target market, their current situation, and your proposed solution. In the case of a referral marketing program, you might try something like, “Get rewarded for sharing with your friends!” This is simple, but it gets the point across. Be clear, be concise, and get your customers primed to convert.

A command headline tells potential brand ambassadors what they need to do. All of your language on the landing page should be actionable. But letting customers know the how of your rewards program at the top of the page will clear up any potential confusion and keep them reading for more information. For example, you could try something like: “Sign up now and get rewards today!” What should a customer do? Sign up now!

These are just a few headline suggestions for you to consider. But using such formats can do wonders for improving your conversion rate and converting customers into brand ambassadors.

How do you craft effective headlines?

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