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4 Social Media Myths That Are Holding You Back

Don't be fooled by so-called "social media experts." Here are four of the most common social media myths we've heard perpetuated through the aether.

4 Social Media Myths That Are Holding You Back

Social media is inherently buzz-worthy. It’s what everyone’s doing, and what everyone’s talking about. Unfortunately, some of the things being said about social media, particularly social media marketing, are not as true as we have been led to believe. In fact, some of these misinterpretations could actually be preventing your business from maximizing the benefits of this powerful online marketing tool. Here are 4 social media myths to watch out for.

Social Media Myth #1: Only younger people use social media.

Old Lady Tweeting

If you’re strategizing your online marketing via social networks to only reach those in the 18-30 year old age bracket, you’re missing the mark on a huge number of other prospects. According to a recent study by Pew Research Center and Docstoc, 77% of people in the 30-49 demographic use social media on a regular basis. 52% of those aged 50-64 also network online.

Perhaps most surprising, however, is the growing percentage of social media users that are age 65 and older. This group topped out at an incredible 32%. So, if you’ve been buying into the idea that only young people use social media, opportunity is passing you by.


Social Media Myth #2: The more I post, the better the results.

Instagram Firehose

You may have fallen into the trap of believing that in order to be successful on social media, you’ve got to be the squeaky wheel. That is, you have to post constantly to stay top of mind with your customers and prospects. It's true that being active and consistent on social media is important, but the rule of quality over quantity should always be applied. If you’re constantly bombarding your audience with non-stop dribble you risk either fading into the background, or annoying them to the point that they stop following you.

Focus on only sharing content which you believe would truly benefit your fans and followers. Once or twice a day is plenty. You can improve the chances of your content being seen by strategizing when are the most effective times to post on each platform. (Here’s a helpful guide to get you started.)


Social Media Myth #3: Social media is only successful if my content goes viral.

Viral Social Media Campaign

Getting your content to “go viral” is like the holy grail of social media marketing. Yet, it’s important to note that actually achieving this doesn’t happen very often. In fact, if you’re focusing all of your time and efforts into getting unrealistic results, you’re wasting precious resources and chasing after something you may never actually accomplish. That’s ok! It doesn’t mean you’re a failure, or that your SMM efforts are all for naught.

Social media marketing is about building brand awareness, gathering and nurturing leads and cultivating relationships with your customers and prospects. It’s not about who gets the most hits or shares. Keep focusing on delivering quality content and engaging with your audience. The rest will fall into place.


Social Media Myth #4: Social media can replace all my other online marketing efforts.

social_media_eggs_in_basket addthis_shareable

Yes, social media is extremely powerful, but it’s not the be all and end all of online marketing. Not by a long shot. In fact, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach people in the digital age. Keeping your website and blog up to date are also important. Surely you’ve heard the term, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. When it comes to digital marketing, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

To be most effective, create a robust plan that involves a number of different avenues. That way you’ll have the best chance at reaching the majority of those you’re trying to target.


There are tons of social media marketing myths circulating out there. Let us know what the worst ones are in the comments.

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