Top 5 Customer Relationship Management Software Companies

How can you be sure your business is getting the most value for your dollar? Read on for 5 of the top customer relationship management software solutions.

Everyday businesses struggle to balance managing leads and building a stronger company. But no longer! New Customer Relations Management (CRM) software has been spreading like wildfire, making it easier and more cost effective to keep customers happy and engaged.

But how can you be sure your business is getting the most value for your dollar? Read on for 5 of the top CRM software solutions on the market today.


1. Salesforce










This CRM software boasts all the features of other top brands but includes some additional tools unique to Salesforce. Salesforce gives you the ability to organize the CRM software in exactly the way you want it as well as a number of apps to optimize the user experience. With a robust interface, amazingly informative dashboard views and a large selection of third-party apps, Salesforce continues to lead the CRM software industry.

Large-scale companies like Starbucks use Salesforce for their campaigns, but it remains optimized for mid-sized businesses looking for a fully adaptable CRM solution.

Sales Cloud: $15-$250/user/month


2. SugarCRM


SugarCRM distinguishes itself by offering installation on central servers, making it appealing for businesses hesitant to make the switch over to cloud computing. The software is also available in a free, open-source Community edition that offers a bare bones set of dashboards and reporting tools, but doesn’t include SugarCRM’s stellar customer support. Paid versions provide a much more robust user experience that gives companies the ability to integrate Oracle, MySQL and other software for a backend database.



3. PipelineDeals


PipelineDeals CRM impresses with its efficient, simple program. In addition to offering the right features to provide a solid lead management system, it also integrates seamlessly into Google Apps. The easy two-way sync allows businesses to sync Google Maps and Gmail with their CRM. These features save businesses the hassle of having to constantly switch between Google and their CRM software to add notes, create events, launch customer profiles and accomplish other tasks.



4. Oncontact


The simple, functional design of Oncontact sets it apart from other CRM platforms. It brings customizable workflow and tailored screens to reflect your company’s individual customer profiles. You can also modify or build new workflow rules into the app to enhance Oncontact as your company evolves. Oncontact’s toolkit makes customization easy and intuitive for non-tech savvy users so changes can be made quickly.

$29.95-$59.95/user/month (Hosted), $995.00/user (Onsite)


5. Zoho CRM


Zoho offers a straightforward and customizable CRM solution. It is also priced lower than other CRM software, making it ideal for the business seeking to tighten its CRM budget. Mostly though, Zoho’s support for Web-based forms in company websites makes tracking new leads more efficient and profitable.

The software offers an interface packed with data that offers an inexpensive CRM solution for small businesses and start-ups.


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