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    Leader or Laggard? Marketing Trends to Embrace Your Inner Visionary

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    Editor's note: This is an excerpt from our most recent eBook, "The Path to Becoming a Visionary Marketing Leader," which explores four of the biggest marketing trends through the eyes of four marketing visionaries. To read the full eBook, click here

    As marketing leaders, one of our primary jobs is to position our business for the future. To do this, we keep tabs on marketing trends and opportunities, and take action when we see something that could help us create lasting competitive advantages. In the process of doing this, we test new technologies and tools, experiment with new tactics and concepts, and hope that doing so will help us identify the biggest trends before everyone else does.

    The Problem?

    Actually doing that is much easier said than done. And if we spend too much time focusing on the wrong things (or we’re too late to adopt the right ones), it can doom our organizations and our careers. 

    So, how can you avoid that? It starts with knowing where to look for good information.

    A Safer Bet on the Innovative Marketing Trends that Matter

    Truth is, the most successful marketing leaders share one trait: They’ve proven to be particularly adept at identifying industry-changing marketing trends before the masses.

    That's not to say they're fortune tellers, but they do have an uncanny ability — cultivated by years of operational and tactical experience — to see the opportunities worth targeting and point their organization in the right direction. We can learn a lot from these leaders, which is why our team at Ambassador reached out to four of the smartest, most successful marketing leaders in the world:

    - Former HubSpot CMO and current startup advisor Mike Volpe

    - MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer and renowned speaker Ann Handley

    - Former Campaign Monitor and Databox VP of Marketing Agata Celmerowski

    - Ambassador founder and CEO Jeff Epstein

    We wanted to understand which marketing trends were keeping them up at night and what advice they’d give to other executives who are trying to plan and prepare for the future, too. This eBook will share their responses and provide tactical tips to help your organization get ahead of the curve.

    If there’s one thing that’s certain about the future it’s that nothing is certain. That said, I think you’ll find the advice in this eBook to be enormously helpful in deciding where and how to invest your time. Check it out! 

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    Jeff Epstein

    Written by Jeff Epstein

    Jeff Epstein is the founder and CEO of Ambassador Software, the World’s #1 Relationship Marketing Platform which enables brands like Hewlett-Packard, HubSpot and Madison Reed to build & scale referral, affiliate, partner and influencer programs.

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