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    Innovative Marketing: Build a Future-Friendly MarTech Strategy

    Build a Future-Friendly MarTech Strategy

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    Do you remember the last marketing tool that your company adopted? How many problems did it solve, one or many? If you can answer immediately and point to specific resolved dilemmas or achieved business goals, then we're that much closer to the future of MarTech. There is a lot of marketing technology out there, so how can marketers combat this oversaturation to find proven, reliable, and logical solutions that will address their company-specific pain points? Brands should develop a solution-seeking, not technology-adopting mentality. We have a few ideas to get your MarTech strategy ready for the future.

    Adopt a single-stack solution for post-conversion

    As we look into the future, we’re intrigued by what will happen after brands successfully find, attract, and convert prospects into customers. Lead generation and customer acquisition should, of course, have a place in your strategy, but modern marketers know that finding a streamlined way to support trackable, multi-platform engagement post conversion is key to increased lifetime value and new revenue. This means that customer retention and referral marketing must also be a part of your marketing strategy. Such an all-in-one solution will capture crucial information and reveal insightful data to simplify daily business functions from email automation to payment services.

    Get behind the wheel of self-driving marketing

    The modern marketing landscape emphasizes completely customizable platforms that cater to brand-specific preferences. Want to send an email to a specific demographic of your audience? Check. Want to make sure that it looks stellar on mobile? Check. Instead of checking marketing functions off of the list one-by-one, the future of MarTech will rely on solutions that address a whole batch of functions at a time. Self-driving marketing happens when your internal teams can automate tedious details and free up time to focus on strategy and optimization. To put it simply, self-driving marketing means seamless integration and trustworthy implementation.

    Teach marketers to master tech literacy

    According to a report by Informatics and Dun & Bradstreet, 52% of marketing leaders say the complexity of integrating multiple technologies is hindering their ability to successfully leverage marketing technology. The future of MarTech will be very bleak if marketing and technology teams can’t rally around seamless integration efforts. Prepare to crush the coming competition by encouraging marketing and technology teams to share their expertise. With an increased focus on building bridges, your marketing and technology teams should spend less time getting their wires crossed.

    No one can predict the future, but if the MarTech industry continues along the same trajectory of encouraging ongoing customer relationships and emphasizing ease-of-use, then we, as marketers, are in for a treat. Be sure to read “Peering Into The Crystal Ball: An in-depth look at 6 trends shaping the future of marketing” eBook to make sure your company doesn’t get left behind in the MarTech marathon.

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    Amity Kapadia

    Written by Amity Kapadia

    Amity Kapadia heads up content marketing at Ambassador. When she's not writing a blog post, editing an eBook, or reading copy, you can find her watching Real Housewives.

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