How to Deliver a Seamless Word-of-Mouth Marketing Experience

Our latest product features - A/B Testing and Communication Management - make Ambassador the world's first integrated word-of-mouth marketing technology.

If you’re a marketer, remember the days of yore when you had to log into Facebook and post an update, and then sign into Twitter to check your last tweet’s engagement, and then keep a pulse on LinkedIn to see how many followers your brand had? All social activity was siloed by network and it was time consuming to manage all the different platforms whether you were engaging, reporting, or just plain browsing.

Now, most marketers leverage a tool or solution that manages all their social channels in one place. The days of multiple tabs, spreadsheet reports, and manually calculated follower growth are long gone. Well, for social media management at least.

This revolution of providing marketers with a seamless experience is becoming more and more prevalent across marketing channels. Email marketing platforms, CRMs, and now word-of-mouth marketing technology is integrating many features natively into their own applications.

Ambassador is excited to announce the latest product release of A/B testing and communication management features for all types of word-of-mouth programs: Referral, affiliate, influencer, and partner programs. Customers can now control their program optimization efforts by running split testing and analyzing the results in-app, without leveraging third-party tools.

Solution GraphicAmbassador powers the world’s only end-to-end referral workflow that allows brands to enroll, engage, track, reward, and optimize their word-of-mouth initiatives. Users can now seamlessly optimize the entire customer referral journey, from testing refer-a-friend modules to specific campaign settings, like the incentive type and amount, for customer referral, affiliate, influencer, and partner marketing programs.


This new product release also includes advanced communication management capabilities, bolstering the existing transactional email notifications, to empower marketers to engage directly with program members in a proactive way via native email workflows.


Overall, brands that are successful with word-of-mouth marketing create meaningful connections with people who will talk about their brand and deliver positive messages to their networks—aka prospective customers. More so, most digital marketing teams have at least one KPI dedicated to developing and nurturing relationships.

Because there are so many variables to word-of-mouth marketing, it’s important to take a systematic and organized approach. This new release enables users to make smarter decisions quickly and more effectively. When it comes to scaling and managing the components of word-of-mouth programs, marketers need a command center that provides actionable insights and the ability to communicate.

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