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Turn One-Time Customers into Lifetime Loyalists

Ambassador's versatile customer loyalty and rewards programs boost purchase order size, drive repeat buyers and increase customer lifetime value for the world's fastest growing brands. Get the most out of your ecommerce business with Ambassador customer referral program software.

Trusted by the World's Fastest Growing and Most Respected Brands


Why Loyalty Marketing?

Maximize your growth potential by building connections with your existing customers. With Ambassador’s loyalty platform, you can stay ahead of rising acquisition costs and prevent your customers from being lured away by competitors' introductory offers.

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Purchase Frequency
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Repeat Purchases
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Annual Spend

How Loyalty by Ambassador Works

Enroll Customers
Engage Loyalists
Drive Repeat Purchases
Re-Engage and Retain

Enroll Customers

Did you know that loyalty program members tend to spend 47% more than those who don't enroll? Ambassador’s incentive platform makes it easy for customers to sign up for your program and access exclusive deals and loyalty rewards. 


Engage Loyalists

75% of consumers want to be rewarded for engaging with a brand beyond just buying their products. Consider rewarding day-to-day activities such as birthdays or social media follows, to give customers more reason to stay in touch with your brand and accumulate rewards.


Drive Repeat Purchases

Encourage repeat purchases from your loyalty program members. They tend to purchase 32% more frequently than non-members, so it's worth investing in ways to drive more repeat purchases. Try implementing a tiered system with different rewards for higher tiers, or offering bonus points for certain purchases.


Re-Engage and Retain

Acquiring new customers can be expensive, so it's important to try and retain the ones you already have. Use loyalty program analytics to identify customers who haven't made a repeat purchase, and incentivize them with surprise promotions or exclusive deals to encourage them to return and buy again.


The Ambassador Loyalty Platform

Loyalty Portal

A customizable space to engage your members. They can earn and track points, share referral codes, win badges, collect UGC and so much more

Rule Builder

Create virtually any reward prompts with our easy-to-use rule builder: determine how your members earn their points, badges, and special offers.

Rewards Panel

Use our gift card library for rewards, or offer your own swag, special access, discount offers, event tickets - whatever you want to give away.

Insights Panel

Track your most successful programs, referral sources, reward payouts, and identify your top customers for multi-tiered program segments.

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Loyalty Programs with Complete Transparency

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Progressive Profiling

Capture customer data and build audiences with custom attributes through profiles, cross-channel engagement, surveys, contests and more.

Campaigns & Advanced Segmentation

Create rule-based campaigns for specific segments and easily schedule promotions optimized for maximum impact.

Omni-Channel Activity Tracking

Track customer activity and automatically reward customers for different actions and behaviors that you want to incentivize.

Customizable Rewards

Keep your customers engaged with loyalty rewards - from coupons and vouchers, to swag, exclusive offers or even gift cards. 


Robust connectivity with your favorite marketing and billing tools

Whether you're looking for one-click integrations or want to go all-in with our enterprise level APIs, Ambassador software complements your existing stack, and scales to your future one. By utilizing our  customer loyalty and engagement software, you can give back to your customers with customer loyalty rewards, track purchases, manage marketing campaigns and much more.


Go beyond point-and-click with our developer hub. Everything you need for a fully customized integration.

One-Click Integrations

Integrations that you know, and trust. Getting started with Ambassador has never been easier.


Start building in minutes with our API alternative. Another way we ensure a fully customized experience.

Onboarding Support

Our onboarding team ensure that you can start your program in minutes, not months.

More Out-of-the-Box Features than the Competition

For the Marketer
Omnichannel Capabilities
1 Custom Rewards
Custom Rewards
2 Multiple Campaigns
Multiple Campaigns
3 Email & CRM Integrations
Email & CRM Integrations
4 Designated Success Coach
Designated Success Coach
5 Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics
6 Phone & Online Support
Phone & Online Support
For the Marketer
8 Complete White-Labeling
Complete White-Labeling
9 Smart Segmentation
Smart Segmentation
10 Easy-to-Use Templates
Easy-to-Use Templates
11 Automated Payouts
Automated Payouts
12 Team Roles
Team Roles
13 Email Automation
Email Automation
14 Mobile Optimized
Mobile Optimized
15 Gated Program Access
Gated Program Access
For the Developer
16 eCommerce Integrations
eCommerce Integrations
17 Onboarding Support
Onboarding Support
18 Billing Integrations
Billing Integrations
19 Open REST API
20 Webhooks
21 Enterprise Security
Enterprise Security
22 Enterprise SLA
Enterprise SLA
23 iOS & Android SDK
iOS & Android SDK
For the Ambassador
24 Cash Payouts
Cash Payouts
25 Gift Cards
Gift Cards
26 Points & Account Credits
Points & Account Credits
27 Coupons & Voucher Codes
Coupons & Voucher Codes
28 Multi-Language
29 Hosted Ambassador Portal
Hosted Ambassador Portal
30 Multi-Currency
31 Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On

Frequently Asked Questions

Ambassador’s customer engagement software and customer loyalty software employ advanced analytics to monitor and understand customer behavior patterns. This data-driven approach allows businesses to tailor their marketing strategies effectively, optimizing engagement and maximizing retention rates through personalized experiences.

Ambassador's programs keep customers engaged by offering cash payouts and discounts, as well as customizable loyalty rewards, including coupons, vouchers, exclusive offers, swag, and gift cards. The rewards you choose to offer depend on your specific customer preferences and business needs.

Our customer engagement platform features advanced analytics for tracking customer actions, including affiliate sales, clicks, and conversions. It offers real-time performance insights, enabling targeted marketing strategies and optimization to maximize retention.

Ambassador offers loyalty rewards tailored to customer preferences and behaviors, enhancing retention by making customers feel valued and understood. This targeted approach ensures continuous engagement and builds lasting loyalty.

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