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"Turning Customers Into Brand Ambassadors," one of our many eBooks, will teach you how to generate more revenue by leveraging your customers.

In this comprehensive free eBook you’ll learn how to:

Promote and develop new customers into brand ambassadors

Bring in high-value leads to generate more revenue and social network activity

Run and maintain a successful referral program

Bring passion to your best fans and drive referrals through the roof

Start generating more referrals and revenue for your business.

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Before the Internet, it was an established fact that referrals were one of the best ways to expand a business. Instead of trying to convince strangers to buy its product, a business could incentivize its customers to send their friends.

These new, referred customers would be loyal and profitable. They came without huge marketing costs and did not need as much hands-on sales work, since they trusted their friend’s recommendation. Once they were customers, they quickly adopted more and more products because they already trusted the business.

The basic principles of referrals have not changed with the advent of the Internet. People still trust their friend’s recommendations and referred customers remain among the highest quality for a business. What did change was the size of a customer’s network and the ability to effectively and unobtrusively reward a customer for referral behavior.

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