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    Referral Marketing for B2C Companies

    Referral Marketing for B2C Companies

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    Marketers at B2B and B2C companies often times have different objectives when trying to reach their target audience. A B2B marketer spends substantially more time on thought leadership content, while B2C marketers aim to connect to their consumers on a brand level that is entertaining and “top of mind, tip of tongue.” Regardless of audience, the ultimate goal for marketers is to drive revenue. And whether your company provides enterprise solutions or toys for kids, the use of referral marketing software can dramatically increase existing customer engagement and new customer acquisition.  

    Here are some referral marketing best practices for B2C marketers:

    Auto-Enroll (Everyone!) & Promote

    Import your contacts from email lists, CRM or marketing automation software to make sure that everyone who interacts with your brand is given an opportunity to participate as an ambassador in your referral program - without having to sign up. Promote on your website, promote on social media, and promote via email marketing. 

    Make it Easy

    B2C referral programs should be simple, intuitive, and allow customers and fans to share with one-click.  Forget promo codes or points systems.  Leverage intelligent URL tracking to ensure minimal effort for your ambassadors.

    Post-purchase referral “widgets” are the best way for e-commerce companies to maximize referrals from a new customer.  Just remember, the less work your customers have to do, the more likely they are to engage and share.

    LEVERAGE your social media communities and contacts

    A Forbes article by Kimberly Whitler states: “I grew up with the famous Faberge commercial that showed a woman who ‘told two friends” about the product and how they told two friends … and so on … and so on.’ Hasn’t WOM (Word of Mouth Marketing) always been a powerful way to improve business results?”

    Your social channels give you access to thousands of people that are fans, but might not be customers yet. Sharing your referral program on social, by email or text, allows you to engage and convert fans into new customers. Plus, that’s where your fans are most likely to share anyway - “fish where the fish are.”

    Reward them appropriately

    Whether it’s a recurring monthly commission rewards like Netflix, or $2,000 in cash like Tesla, a worthwhile reward will always create momentum around your referral program. The payout needs to match the effort it takes for one of your customers to garner a referral. Stratos Card generated $30,000 in revenue and 300 new customers in the first three months of their referral program by simply letting customers know they could receive their card for free if they referred enough individuals in their network.

    Referral software and Word-of-Mouth marketing works, it’s been proven for thousands of brands. Just remember the tips above and your program will do what it’s supposed to do: grow your business.

    Interested in continuing to explore the best practices behind referral programs?  Download our free ebook below. 

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    Amity Kapadia

    Written by Amity Kapadia

    Amity Kapadia heads up content marketing at Ambassador. When she's not writing a blog post, editing an eBook, or reading copy, you can find her watching Real Housewives.

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