Using Ambassador is simple

We make referral marketing easy for you and your ambassadors!

Build Campaigns

Create your first campaign in just minutes. Create custom incentives to encourage your ambassadors to promote your brand.

  • Simple Campaign builder
  • Define Incentives
  • Unique Share URLs

01. Simple Campaign builder


Each campaign tracks a specific conversion event and may have a specific incentive each time the event is referred.

02. Define Incentives


Create custom rewards to increase engagement and encourage sharing. Utilize monetary or non-monetary rewards.

03. Unique Share URLs


Ambassador creates unique URLs for each of your ambassadors. Our platform tracks their shares, clicks and conversions by channel.

Easily Integrate

Ambassador enables you to get integrated quickly along with the flexibility to integrate seamlessly into your user experience.

How? Via our prebuilt widgets and powerful REST API.

  • Refer-a-Friend Widget
  • Seamless API Integration
  • 3rd Party Integrations

01. Refer-a-Friend Widget


Installing our refer-a-friend widget is simple, just copy and paste it into your existing HTML. Seriously, it's easy like Sunday Morning. Best of all, you retain the look and feel of your existing website.

02. Seamless API Integration


Leverage our powerful API to create a seamless referral experience within your website or application.

03. 3rd Party Integrations


Our platform also sends and receives data from the most popular 3rd party applications. Easily integrate email, billing, CRM, sales & marketing data with Ambassador.

3rd Party Integrations


Drive New Sales

Easily turn Influencers, Users, Employees, Customers and Advocates into Brand Ambassadors. Leverage the collective power of their influence to drive new sales!

  • Automatic Ambassador Creation
  • Ambassador Groups
  • Valuable Ambassador Insights

01. Automatic Ambassador Creation


Turn every customer into a Brand Ambassador. Display Share URLs in welcome emails or newsletters.

02. Ambassador Groups


Manage ambassadors by segmenting them into various groups. Assign groups to various campaigns for programs that perfectly fit with your business.

03. Valuable Ambassador Insights


View, sort and filter valuable insights on your ambassadors. Determine top ambassadors, ranked by specific categories.

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