Referral Marketing

How Ambassador’s Referral Marketing Platform Can Transform Your Online Education Business

Education, eLearning, and training companies find more qualified leads and increase enrollment through effective word-of-mouth marketing.


For prospective students looking to start or continue their education online, the possibilities are endless. In fact, a recent study projected that the online learning industry would reach $848 billion by 2030. In such a rapidly growing, over-saturated industry, referral marketing is the best way to reach prospective students and drive enrollment for your education programs.

Referral marketing is changing the online education industry 

Referral marketing is your most effective marketing strategy: prospective students are more likely to apply or enroll if they learned about that organization through a trusted friend or colleague.

A referral marketing program incentivizes your existing learners to share their great experiences in your program with their families, friends, and colleagues. In a referral marketing campaign, your current customers receive a unique referral link to share with their personal networks. For every new customer that enrolls in the program using your existing customer’s unique referral link, that existing customer receives a small cut of the sale. You increase enrollments, capture new customers, and save money in your marketing budget. 


See fast, effective results and create long-term, sustainable solutions

Our online education customers include Strayer University, Western Governors University, Kumon, Learner’s Edge, and more. After just two months, they reported a 700% increase in customer referrals and a 2x return on investment after using our referral marketing software. If you’re looking to increase your marketing efforts and see a faster and higher ROI than ever before, relationship marketing is the way to go. 

In addition to seeing the short-term impact, our online education customers also saw sustainable results over an extended period of time. Upon surveying our customers over a six-month period, we found that customer referrals continued to grow past the initial spike after the referral program’s launch. Generating organic and sustainable growth results in more qualified leads over time, and more enrollments for your e-learning platform. 


Referral marketing is a win-win for everyone 

When students and educators have a positive experience with your online education platform, they want to share their great experiences with their personal networks. Incentivize customer recommendations by launching an effective referral marketing program. 

For every student that enrolls in your program through a customer referral, the referring student receives a cut of the sale or a discount on future classes. Your new students and customers have the advantage of enrolling in a program they already trust and your referring customers feel valued and rewarded for spreading the word about your program. Best of all, you see a higher ROI and build a sustainable pipeline of prospective and returning customers. With referral marketing, everyone wins. 


The big picture 

Combine an effective referral marketing program with excellent customer service, and watch your online education business reach new and exciting heights. Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about how you can launch a referral marketing platform for your own online education platform. 


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