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    An Epic Email Referral Program

    An Epic Part 2: How to Optimize Referral Program Emails

    3 minute read

    We had such a great response to our recent epic referral email rundown that we had to do another one. This time, we dug into our own customer archives to share emails that are expertly optimized to drive referrals.

    It’s bad news for any marketing campaign if an email subscriber scrolls past it, but referral programs quickly lose steam without excited and informed ambassadors at the forefront.

    A timely, captivating, and informative email with a shareable referral URL could be your missing link to educating ambassadors and getting them excited to share your brand with others. Here are three great examples of how our customers get more referrals with email marketing.

    A Fresh Start for Upstart

    UpStart Welcome Email.png

    Upstart, a peer-to-peer lending platform, welcomes new ambassadors with an email that’s jam-packed with useful information. First, there’s a link to the login portal that’s followed by suggestions for sharing across other social platforms. Then, ambassadors are given the all-important, shareable URL. See, your welcome email can be as simple and authentic as the word-of-mouth referrals you want to encourage from your ambassadors. Oh yeah, that eye-catching header image isn’t a bad idea either.

    Optimize your referral email by... clearly displaying login information and shareable referral links to encourage instant sharing.


    Front and Center

    Center Email.png

    When it comes to driving referrals to your business, a little extra detail never hurt. Center, a marketing command center, sends a detailed referral program introduction with help from bulleted lists, indentations, and clearly hyperlinked URLs. This easy-to-read format welcomes ambassadors to the program and provides a personalized rundown of how to participate as a Center affiliate. Thumbs up for this extensive, yet comprehensive, approach.

    Optimize your referral email by... using a professional and informative tone to create a trustworthy ambassador experience.


    Canopy’s Can-Do Approach

    Canopy Drip Email.png

    The only thing better than a well-thought-out email is a cohesive email campaign that meets ambassadors at different points of their experience. Canopy, a tax software provider, sends super cute branded emails throughout the referral process. From the welcome email all the way through an approved commission, ambassadors stay in the loop with regular communication. By maintaining a similar look and feel throughout, Canopy’s ambassadors grow accustomed to being in touch with the brand. This open line of communication makes it even easier to encourage ambassadors to share brand news with others.

    Optimize your referral email by... actively nurturing ambassadors through the customer journey with an enticing drip campaign.

    Optimize Your Email Referral Program

    The referrals that your brand drives from emails are a direct reflection of the work you put into inviting and nurturing ambassadors. When optimized correctly, emails can do more than entice clients and customers to choose your brand — they convince them to refer others. Want more tips on optimizing emails from marketing experts? Read our recent eBook, "Benefits of Referral Marketing," to learn from word-of-mouth marketing experts.

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    Jeff Epstein

    Written by Jeff Epstein

    Jeff Epstein is the founder and CEO of Ambassador Software, the World’s #1 Relationship Marketing Platform which enables brands like Hewlett-Packard, HubSpot and Madison Reed to build & scale referral, affiliate, partner and influencer programs.

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