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Ambassador Celebrates Detroit: Happy 313 Day

Ambassador is proud to be a Detroit-based business and we're happy to celebrate 313 Day.

On most mornings in the Ambassador office, we hear the whistle of a passing Amtrak train as it surges to a stop then heads south to downtown Detroit. On most nights, the flickering lights from the Royal Oak Music Theatre signal the end of another team-building, goal-crushing, and gong-dinging day. So why are we so in love with metro Detroit? Because we understand that the Detroit community extends further than the city center. The city reveals itself in its most authentic form within the spirit of the people and throughout daily interactions. We couldn’t think of a better day than today, March 13, also known as 3-1-3 Day to celebrate the city (and area code) that contributes so much to our story.

Others may wonder why we’re so committed to a city that many outsiders don’t seem to understand. We could point to the women blazing the trail in the local tech community or our position as a leading Detroit-based business, but at the end of the day, the city speaks for itself. It’s that perfect mix of Midwestern hustle and Michigan familiarity that makes metro Detroit feel like home for so many of us. Here’s what the Ambassador family has to say about living, working, and playing in metro Detroit.

“Detroit isn't necessarily a place where a lot of people are following the herd, so everyone is treading their own path. It's a more entrepreneurial way to go about living life. That's the spirit that Detroit has.” - Chase Lee, Ambassador CTO

“We're proud to be ‘made in Detroit’ and we're pumped about the comeback we're seeing in the city!” - Jeff Epstein, Ambassador CEO

“As a fashion technology company, many people are surprised that we are in Detroit instead of NYC or LA. But the truth is, Detroit is full of some of the most creative individuals around. A week doesn't go by that you aren't hearing about some great new artist or innovator doing something great from Detroit. That creativity combined with hustle and hard work has been at the forefront of Styleshack since day one.” - Amy Gill, Chief Strategist for Styleshack, an Ambassador client

“Detroit has always been my home. I accept it for what it is: a resilient city whose uniqueness keeps me here despite many friends leaving for greener pastures. During my world travels, I’ve always been proud to tell people where I’m from and I’m usually met with, “Detroit? Right on!” - Corey Fields, Engineering

“I love Detroit for the diversity, the tenacity, the opportunity, and the sense of community. People from here have a special connection with the city, but they also welcome newcomers and rally around new ideas.” - Josh Zywien, Marketing

“Living in Detroit means being a part of something powerful. It’s energy is vibrant and alive, and while it has strong, proud roots, everyone here truly has the opportunity to add to the culture of revitalization. We’re building a new generation of millennials who have never been more proud to call this city home." - Mara Willemin, Sales

Whether it takes a five-block walk, a ten-minute bike ride, an interstate trek, or a cross-country commute from Canada, our team arrives at the Ambassador office every day excited to experience the unmatched feeling that only metro Detroit can provide. Many of our clients share the same kind of commitment, too. Although we span across industries, backgrounds, and skillsets, we’re all proud to be actively engaging with the city at this exact moment. We cherish Detroit every day, but especially today. Happy 313 Day!

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