8 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Examples (and How to Start Using These Ideas Today)

We rounded up 8 word-of-mouth marketing examples to inspire and integrate into your current strategy. Check them out here!

While word-of-mouth marketing impacts a tremendous amount of revenue for most brands, fewer than 1% of all companies have an actual word of mouth strategy in place. We all know word-of-mouth works, but for it to deliver results, we need to have a strategic plan for it.

So we rounded up 8 word-of-mouth marketing examples to inspire and integrate into your current strategy:

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1. Create a Call-to-Action Promoting Sign-Ups

Simply asking people to join your word-of-mouth programs can be a surprisingly effective method. Include a brief call-to-action in your email asking subscribers to opt-in or use an image CTA in your blog posts. It’s a great way to not only loop in new website visitors who may not have known about your current programs, but also re-engage former ones who may have fallen off the map.


2. Share Your Program Everywhere

Whether it’s using a chat tool or integrating a widget within your customer newsletter, there are numerous ways to incorporate your word-of-mouth marketing programs across all marketing channels. The key is to be noticeable and easy to click on in order to take visitors directly to your program landing pages.


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3. Include Social Commentary or Customer Reviews

If you have a flattering customer review, shout it from the rooftops - better yet, share it on your program landing page! Including positive messages from partners, customers, affiliates, and influencers will help build a stronger community for new members to participate and make them more engaged in your word-of-mouth marketing program.


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4. Promote Email Signups Directly on Your Website

Here’s an easy one: create an integrated form on your website to make it easy for fans to sign up. This goes back to friction: It shouldn’t be difficult for potential leads to subscribe to your program. Make sure you’re effectively leveraging multiple acquisition channels to make the greatest impact.


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5. Provide an Incentive to Share

There’s no better way to re-engage brand ambassadors than simply reminding them of your program and offering new incentives. For example, you can offer new subscribers a special discount in the form of a coupon that only they can see. Or allow them to sign up for your referral program right on the spot. In other words, you want to offer a reward for sharing that will give customers a nudge in the right direction.


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6. Offer Exclusive Perks to Engaged Members

It’s all about the perks! So why not give your fans what they want? Showcase your brand to the most engaged fans by offering priority access to new product launches or membership to exclusive communities. Your ambassadors will feel special, your brand will generate clout, and new customers will receive cool, exciting benefits. It’s a win-win-win.


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7. Use Charity to Drive Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Incentivize your fans to share your brand with their friends by offering to donate a given amount of money to their favorite charity whenever they do. Or select a charity to sponsor and then rally your fans to contribute to your chosen cause. Then every time customers participate, prompt them to share about it with their networks. By giving fans the ability to push out their activity to different networks, you’ll generate social proof and active engagement. Whatever method you choose, you’ll be looping in potential customers who may not have heard about your products but are passionate about a particular cause.


word-of-mouth marketing examples 58. Share a Welcome Email to New Brand Ambassadors

Kick off membership to your word-of-mouth program by sending out a welcome email to new brand ambassadors. Whether it’s a customer referral program or an affiliate campaign, energizing new members is a sign of good things to come.

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Building a community via word-of-mouth is an often an overlooked component of successful marketing programs. But with such easy wins, you can quickly integrate word-of-mouth marketing into a broader brand strategy. 

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