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5 Creative Ways to Use Referral Software

Referral software is powerful, but if you sprinkle in a little creativity and it can be legendary. Learn 5 creative ways to use referral software.

Our referral marketing software starts with giving your brand ambassadors personalized URLs, but it doesn’t end there.

A critical component is the promotion of the referral program itself. There are many traditional ways to share your program out to your fan base, some of which we covered in our post on 4 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Referral Rewards Program.

But beyond promotion, your referral marketing software must open the door to a host of creative strategies to make sure your program rocks at getting high-quality referrals. To get started, here are some out-of-the-box ways to use referral software to expand your customer base and engage new brand ambassadors.


1. Social Media Subscription

You can tag any element of your site to be tracked for rewards, which means that your links for becoming fans on Facebook, for example, can trigger rewards for your ambassadors. This strategy can give you a sustainable growth in social media reach.

2. Social Media Engagement

Shares and tweets, while not necessarily providing a direct monetary benefit to your business, are still a valuable activity. Incentivizing users to tweet, post, or share can expand your brand’s reach and improve awareness of it.

3. Continued Site Engagement

You may want to incentivize your site visitors to interact with your site beyond just visits and purchases. Depending on the format of your site, there may be opportunities to start discussions, leave comments, or participate in other ways. Each of these activities can be measured and rewarded, incentivizing further interaction with your brand.

4. Registration

Registering for your service is a legitimate way to increase your customer base even if it isn’t a revenue-generating action in itself. More relevant names and contact information, more opportunities to turn warm, interested parties into new customers. Why not reward ambassadors for referring registrants?

5. Features

The events that you track don’t need to be significant. Even smaller interactions with features can be tracked, like creating an account, setting a profile picture, or making a comment in your online platform.

Do you want to learn how to turn more of your customers, partners, affiliates, and fans into revenue generators? Request a custom demo from one of our referral marketing software experts today!

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