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3 Dating Techniques That Help Build Passionate Brand Ambassadors

Love is in the air. Brand ambassadors are yours for the taking. Your game is planned out, but are you making the right moves? Read on to find out.

Love is in the air and the moment is yours for the taking. You’ve got your game planned out and engines revving to go, but how do you know you’re making the right moves?

Encouraging people to promote your brand is a lot like dating, albeit a little less stressful and with a higher chance of success. With more and more interactions happening on social networks, its time you started connecting with your customers on a more intimate level.

So bring your A-game, because here are 3 dating techniques that are sure to light fires of passion under your brand ambassadors.

1. First impressions are everything

Who would you be more likely to tell your friends about? The date who showed up in an old pick-up truck and took you to Arby’s, or the one who showed up in a Ferrari with a bouquet of roses?

Whether you’re a large or small business, leveraging social networks gives you the opportunity to provide an extraordinary first experience for all of your customers and in turn they’ll share that experience with others.

Whatever the situation, remember that customers like to be wined and dined before becoming engaged. Make sure that your business is taking steps to personalize your brand’s marketing strategy to each customer’s wants and needs, making them feel special and important. Because as a business, you’re main goal is getting that second date and getting stellar reviews from all their friends.

2. Entice them to keep in touch



The first date went great, and now you’re hoping keep the relationship alive. Well, it’s difficult to accomplish that if you never got a number. Similarly, you won’t be able to stoke the flames of your customer’s passion without keeping them engaged in the happenings of your business.

To work your online game, get people to “like” you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or any other channel. Give them a chance to keep in touch and with the right incentives to promote, you’ll keep your customer passionate about your business and raving about how awesome you are to their friends and family.

3. Go above and beyond

You’ve gone on a second date and things are starting to heat up, but now it’s time to really bring your relationship to life. Utilizing the right referral marketing techniques will keep your customers promoting your brand online and sharing your content.

Offer a special discount or promotion or run a creative campaign that allows your customers input into your brand. Whatever the way, make sure that your ambassadors are interacting with your brand on a regular basis to keep them talking non-stop with friends and family about how great you are.

At the end of the day, most relationships are the same. People like to feel special, wanted and be treated respectfully. While this seems simple enough, its surprising how many people always seem to strike-out on date one. Don’t be that guy. Make a good impression and stay interested in your customer’s wants.

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