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Ambassador Year In Review 2017

[INFOGRAPHIC] Year-in-Review 2017

1 minute read

Another year in the books! And a great one it’s been.

From focusing on OUTCARE to hitting over 10 Million ambassadors using our platform to our first PongVember Tourney, it’s been a busy, rewarding, and exciting 365 days.

Here’s a look at our year-in-review: The milestones, the accomplishments, and just some fun facts about us! Want to click through the interactive version? Check it out here > 


Posted in Referral Marketing, Referral Software

Amity Kapadia

Written by Amity Kapadia

Amity Kapadia is Director of Content Marketing at Ambassador. She spends most of her days marketing to marketers and having the internal debate, to pizza or not to pizza?

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