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    The Unique (and Very Profitable) Dynamics of Health and Fitness Referral Programs [Report]

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    When it comes to word-of-mouth and referral marketing, there may be no industry that benefits more from — and aligns better with — referrals than health and fitness.

    Think about it: If you go to a yoga or a cycling studio and have a great experience, do you keep it to yourself or do you hurriedly tell all of your like-minded friends about it — hoping they’ll join you the next time you go?

    Studies and behavioral data suggest it’s the latter.

    Anecdotally, it makes sense. If someone loves barre, crossfit, golf, bodybuilding, or nutrition, they tend to really love it — especially when they can share the experience with friends and family. As a result, they surround themselves with other people who enjoy those activities. They follow and engage with influencers who share their passion. And they’re constantly on the hunt for the newest, most innovative products.

    What Our Data Says About Word-of-Mouth in the Health and Fitness World

    To get a better idea of just how powerful word-of-mouth and referral marketing is for health and fitness companies, we decided to explore our platform’s data.

    Over the course of a few months, we observed referral activity for several of our customers in this industry, analyzed important referral marketing KPIs, and monitored the growth of those programs over time.

    What did we find? Here’s a sneak peek at our most recent report, Referral Marketing By the Numbers: Health & Fitness:


    What does that graph show?

    Very simply, health and fitness refer-a-friend programs experience near immediate adoption, and activity scales rapidly over time. There aren’t the huge peaks and valleys that you might expect from seasonal businesses or new product releases. Instead, referral activity spikes sharply soon after a program is launched and then continues on a smooth upward trajectory.


    Can Referral Marketing Help Your Health & Fitness Brand?

    There’s even more data in the full report, including average enrollment, sharing, and referral metrics for our health and fitness customers. To download it, just click the button below.

    Once you’ve checked it out, give us a shout! If you want to drive a consistent flow of new customer revenue to your health and fitness business, investing in referral marketing is one of the best things you can do — and, as our data shows, that’s not just my subjective opinion.


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