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    3 Email Marketing Referral Program Templates That Work

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    Email marketing can play a huge role in a successful referral program. As a sender and receiver of many (too many) emails, I think we can all agree that a simple referral from a friend can land a lot softer, and convince a lot faster, than a traditional marketing message from a brand.

    This is why crafting personalized email templates for your referral program is a sure-fire way to increase engagement and drive growth. Once a new member joins your program, send a welcome message. When they make their first referral, shoot a note congratulating them. Once they earn a reward, send a note that it's on the way.

    With their right referral software, these types of email workflows can be automated and marketers have the control they need to update and optimize based on performance.

    Integrating email marketing into your referral program is also a great way to nurture your customer base. In fact, according to Convince & Convert, customers that have been referred to a brand spend an average of 13% more per year than non-referred people. More so, referral programs cost up to 90% less than traditional forms of marketing.

    And while most modern marketers understand the basics of email marketing - personalizing the copy, making the call-to-action stand out, segmenting your list, etc. - for those sending referral marketing emails, the nuances are a little different depending on the industry.

    For example, an email referring an apparel line is bound to read differently than an email referring HR software. Before you sit down to craft your referral program email templates, consider the following: What’s in it for the referrer? What’s in it for the referee? Is the incentive enticing enough?

    Email Marketing Referral Program Templates for Marketers

    We'll even help you get started with one of the most important emails in your referral program workflow: The Welcome Email

    Why is this one email so important?

    Because it holds all the key information your program member needs. Think of it as the one email your users will star in their inbox and reference whenever they refer your brand.

    We’ve reviewed hundreds of emails across industries and created the best "Welcome Email" templates for B2B, eCommerce, and Financial Services referral programs. You'll notice they are simple and straight to the point. We're providing just the framework, it's up to you to add your brand's authentic tone and style.

    Let's dive in:

    B2B Referral Program Welcome Email Template

    Referral Marketing Email Template: B2B Company

    Rich Text Version

    Subject Line: Thanks for joining our referral program!

    Hi [Customer],

    You’re officially approved to participate in [Company’s] Referral Program. You’re now eligible to earn [customized reward] simply by referring your clients and friends to our company.

    Head over to [portal link] and use your email and the temporary password provided to get started. Your temporary password is: em@iltempl@te. You may change your password as soon as you log in to your account.

    Share this special link: [unique share link] to start earning rewards right now!


    The Marketing Team


    eCommerce Referral Program Welcome Email Template

    Referral Marketing Email Template: eCommerce Company

    Rich Text Version

    Subject Line: Refer & Earn [reward]

    Hi [Customer],

    Congratulations! You’re officially a [Company] Brand Ambassador. You deserve a reward for all of the love that you show to our brand. You can spread the love by sharing this link: [unique share link] with your friends. For every new [Company] customer you refer, you’ll earn [customized reward].

    Set up your personal account at [portal link] to get started (and keep track of your rewards). Your temporary password is: em@iltempl@te. You may change your password as soon as you log in.


    The Marketing Team


    Financial Services Referral Program Welcome Email Template

    Referral Marketing Email Template: Financial Services Company

    Rich Text Version

    Subject Line: Start Earning Right Now

    Hi [Customer],

    [Company] has selected you to become an ambassador and earn [customized reward] by referring your friends using this link: [unique share link].

    Use your email and password to log in to [portal link] to start earning rewards now. Your temporary password is: em@iltempl@te. You may change your password as soon as you log in. Let’s get started!


    The Marketing Team


    Integrating Emails Into Your Referral Program

    Setting up the perfect referral program depends on your business goals and expectations, but every introductory referral program email should contain a few standard elements - a shareable unique link, instructions on how to monitor their sharing behavior, and where see their rewards.

    In order to make an impact with email marketing, you first have to get people to open your messages. This is accomplished through a powerful, compelling subject line. In fact, the average open rate across all industries is 20.81%, so it's critical to target subject lines based on your audiences and personalize them as much as possible.

    It's also important to know where your audience is reading your emails. Not their exact location, but their preferred device. Consumers today aren’t just using email on their desktops anymore, they have easy access to their inbox located right in their pocket or purse. In fact, 46% of email messages are opened using mobile devices, so make sure yours are optimized to reach everyone.

    Referral program emails are more than just another step in your email workflow, they’re setting the tone for the rest of your relationship with your loyal brand ambassador. Inject your brand culture and voice into these templates to craft emails for an unforgettable (and rewarding) customer journey.


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