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The 13 Best Chrome Extensions for Marketers

We rummaged through piles and piles of the best chrome extensions, searching for the best. Here's our roundup of the best chrome extensions for marketers.

The 13 Best Chrome Extensions for Marketers

Being a marketer in the age of digital media requires savvy management and communication skills. Whether you need assistance with emails, sales leads, or help consuming the world's massive amount of content, the following Chrome Extensions have got you covered.

Signals by HubSpot

Category: Email
Cost: Free

Signals is a must have extension for any marketer. This plug-in works like analytics for sales communications. HubSpot wanted to move into the sales process, and they brought their vast email marketing experience with them. According to HubSpot;

Signals is a notification app that helps you know when and how to engage your leads. It lives in Google Chrome, and connects to many of the other tools that salespeople use on a daily basis. Signals shows you real-time notifications based on “signals” coming from emails you’ve sent, your website, your CRM system, even social media."


Category: Email
Cost: Free/$14.99

This extension will make answering email easier for any busy marketer. Boomarang allows you to schedule pre-written emails at any time.

For example, if you're working with freelancers or team members in different time zones, you can write an email ahead of time and send it when your team member's work day has begun. It can also be a great tool for following up with a sales lead you don't want to forget about.

Category: Email
Cost: Free

Signals and Boomarang are great for managing your Gmail or Google Apps Email. However, not all of us are fortunate to be working with Gmail or Google Apps at work. is a similar service that works in a different way. There is nothing to install on your computer, so Steve in IT won't care if you use it.

Forward the email you want to snooze to the service (for example The email address you choose will determine when the service should remind you (for example in 1 week). Followup will keep track of your snoozed emails for you, and send them back when you are ready.


Category: CRM
Cost: Free

We all know that timing can be everything in closing a sales lead. But how do we know when the right timing is? Yesware helps answer that and similar questions with their analytics. E-mail templates, sales reminders, and an easy way to collaborate and report information will make your job easier.


Category: CRM
Cost: Free

Marketers are constantly meeting new people, through online and in person communications. Often, you'll want to make sure you're connected across social media platforms.

Rapportive allows you to easily connect. This extension allows you to see everything a marketer needs to know about a contact, all from your inbox. This is definitely a must have for staying connected.

But that's not even the best reason to use Rapportive.

Pocket/Evernote (Tie)

Category: Content Consumption
Cost: Free

How can marketers stay up-to-date on content they read, write, and market? Many would recommend Evernote as a great way to keep track of all of your content online. We're also recommending Pocket as a tie for solving this problem.

Evernote allows you to save websites, ideas, notes, and content all in one place. It's favored by many marketers. Pocket also allows you to save ideas and notes but in a different format. You can place articles, videos or pretty much anything into Pocket saving directly from a browser or social app like Twitter or Flipboard.

Once you master Pocket or Evernote you will finally be able to make the internet your personal library.


Category: SEO
Cost: Free

For the marketer who wants to stay up-to-date on SEO, the Mozbar is the perfect solution. The Mozbar extension allows you to see all the important details you need to know such as Domain Authority, Domain MozRank, Domain MozTrust external links, keywords, no-followed or followed information

Audit a website quickly with this extension, or if you're a subscriber to their software, easily access detailed information from your Moz extension.


Category: Social Media
Cost: Free/$9.99

For all of us social media marketers, Buffer makes our lives just a bit easier. The extension offers a better way to share with your social media. My favorite part about Buffer is that it allows me to respond right away. When I find a buzzworthy item that I must share, I immediately use Buffer and add it to my tweets.

Buffer even pairs seamlessly with followerwonk. Use followerwonk to discover what time of day your twitter followers are the most active, and then automatically schedule your Buffer posts in one click!


Category: Password Management
Cost: Free

Meldium is a must for managing team passwords. The extension works as more than just a password manager, it automatically logs you into your favorite websites without your fingers doing all the work.

You don't have to type in your username and password again and again. You can get instant and safe access to your favorite places with Meldium.


Category: Analytics
Cost: Free

Ever wonder what YouTube video is going to go viral? With vidIQ you can stop wondering. The VidIQ chrome extension layers gobs of additional meta data into your YouTube browsing experience. Discover deep video insights such as Facebook likes, Facebook Shares, Tweets, Google Plusses, and much more. All of this data is calculated to create a vidIQ score.

[The] vidIQ score helps judge the likelihood of a video being promoted in Related Videos, Search, Recommended Videos, and more. [vidIQ uses] multiple metrics to compute this score including views, subscribers, social engagement, and other signals.


Category: Utilities
Cost: Free

What's a marketers worst enemy? Distraction. What compounds distraction exponentially? Facebook. Which is exactly why it can be treacherous out there for a social media marketer. Fortunately, there's an app for that.

Momentum's beauty comes from it's simplicity. After installing the extension, new browser tabs open into a beautiful interface, with a simple reminder of what you need to tackle for the day.

Instant Translate

Category: Utilities
Cost: Free

In our globally connected world, you may come across a time where you'll need to translate content. Google's made this easy for you with the Instant Translate extension. It currently supports 66 extensions, and also provides listening options.

Honorable Mention: Custom Extension:Dev Warning

Category: Anything!
Cost: Free!

There's nothing worse than sharing a dead link, or sharing a link to a staging server. My shop teacher taught me the importance of measuring twice and cutting once. I wanted a simple visual indicator when I am working in a dev or staging environment.

So I took a couple minutes and hacked up a simple chrome extension. If I am working with any url that contains localhost,dev, or herokuapp in the title, the extension displays a little red warning in the address bar.

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