How Referral Marketing Drove More Than 600% ROI in Just 8 Months

The success story of Skulpt with Ambassador
Skulpt Case Study

The Company

When Dr. Seward Rutkove, a Harvard Medical School neurologist, and Dr. Jose Bohorquez, an engineer from MIT, founded Skulpt in 2009, they did so with an ambitious mission: to develop an easier, more accurate way to track the muscle health of patients with muscular disorders. Today, the company does that and much more. In fact, Skulpt’s newest products — Skuplt Aim and Skulpt Chisel — take muscle tracking to a new level by helping the fitness community easily and accurately measure body fat percentage in 24 individual muscle groups.

The Challenge

As soon as Skulpt released Aim in 2014, the product took off. Publications like Men’s Health, Mashable, and the Wall Street Journal gave it glowing reviews. Skulpt raised more than $400,000 through a crowdfunding campaign, and happy customers began singing the company’s praises.

The only problem? Skulpt had no way to capture and capitalize on that word-of-mouth, and its small team lacked the time and resources to develop and manage a custom referral program. “We knew we had an opportunity to increase sales by implementing a referral program,” says Juan Jaramillo, Skulpt’s VP of Marketing. “But we needed a program that, once implemented, could mostly run by itself.”