The Powerful Benefits of Quick, Easy, Extensible Integration

The success story of Livescribe with Ambassador
Livescribe Case Study

The Company

Livescribe, a global leader in smartpen design and manufacturing, is driven by a simple credo: To provide the best possible customer experience. The quality of the company’s products and service are two parts of the equation, technology is the other. Specifically, Livescribe’s eCommerce platform, payment services, and other backend systems are critical to ensuring its customers enjoy a smooth, frictionless brand experience.

The Challenge

That said, Livescribe didn’t want that flawless experience to be limited only to the buying process. They also wanted to give fans and customers an enjoyable, pain-free way to continue engaging with the brand post-purchase and, most importantly, easily recommend Livescribe’s products to others. To provide that, the company began searching for a fully-customizable referral marketing solution that could seamlessly integrate with its existing technology infrastructure.