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The Influencer Platform Experience

influencer marketing platform

Custom Registration

Own, brand, and customize the recruitment and registration experience for the influencers you want and need. Control who receives access, when, and to what with our simple, yet powerful, influencer marketing platform.

influencer portal

Influencer Portal + Unique Share Links

Proactively provide your influencers with the assets, insight, and reporting they need to optimize engagement and promotion. Allow influencers to create custom share links for specific product/service promotions and a way to upload content.

enterprise influencer platform security

Enterprise Security & Fraud Detection

Ensure complete control over terms and conditions while flagging any suspicious activity, and even ban influencers.

influencer cash payouts

Automated Cash Payouts

Deliver real-time, or scheduled, automated cash payouts to your influencers, all within the platform - no more manual checks or logging into multiple accounts or systems.

advanced analytics on influencer campaigns

Advanced Analytics

See which influencers are generating the most leads, customers, and revenue and by which channels. Run cohort analysis and optimize your program in real-time.

Explore the full list of features and benefits on our pricing page.