Data privacy, security, and campaign fraud.

You and your customers can rest easy knowing that Ambassador Software is always investing in our data security, keeping us on the leading edge of digital risk mitigation.



Referral Marketing Software by Ambassador
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Trust and Transparency
Ambassador's security ecosystem offers a transparent, privacy-focused ecosystem, with customizable control of permissions for both the business and their customers in how data is collected and used. Our partners and integrations are aligned and prioritize essential infrastructure to power this vision of a trusted ecosystem.


Security Firs

Security First

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest security standards, giving you confidence that you customer data is secure.

User Privacy Compliance

User Privacy Compliance

Our platform is fully GDPR, CCPA, & Privacy Shield compliant. We never store personal identifiable information without explicit consent.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Built-in fraud prevention with reward limits, email domain checking, automatic flagging, IP blocking, approval workflows & more.

Governance and Control

Governance and Control

Reduce risk with user access roles, and monitor usage with detailed audit logs. Manage user access centrally through SSO.

Privacy-first by design.

We unlock the value of your data with privacy in mind. By using graph IDs, encryption and other industry best practices, Ambassador mitigates the risk of your data being accessed, lost, or misused. 


Best-in-class customer marketing and management.

If you still have questions about what data connectivity can do for your business, please contact us