Triple conversion rate with an optimized referral marketing program

When mobile scheduling app When I Work came to Ambassador, it was debating whether to build a referral marketing program in-house or invest in a more dynamic solution. Three years later, When I Work couldn’t be happier that it chose the latter.


15,000 businesses using When I Work

500,000 users in total

300% better conversion vs. all channels combined

What they had to say...

"Ambassador has been a huge help — not only in getting us started, but in customizing a solution that fits exactly what we need."

Chad Halvorson, Founder and CEO, When I Work

When I Work Case Study - Referral Marketing Program


Founded in 2010 and backed by some of the tech industry’s best investors, When I Work provides simple mobile scheduling tools for more than 15,000 businesses and 500,000+ users in 50 countries. The company helps brands like Uber, Tesla, Ben & Jerry’s, GrubHub, and Winmark be more efficient, more accountable, and better prepared.


As When I Work grew, it faced a challenge most SaaS companies dream of: The business had a large base of loyal customers who were eager to spread the word about the service, but no way to measure and track those referrals. Without that capability, the business was missing out on valuable data and the opportunity to influence, track, incentivize, and scale word-of-mouth.


To address this problem, When I Work CEO Chad Halvorson considered building a referral marketing program in-house, but doing that would have required weeks (if not months) of development. So, When I Work turned to Ambassador. By leveraging Ambassador’s open API, When I Work was able to:

  • Create a referral experience that was tailored to its specific needs and branding
  • Maintain complete control over the design, UX, and UI of their referral program
  • Integrate the referral program with other key systems and infrastructure

“Ambassador has been a huge help,” Halvorson says. “Not only in getting us started, but in customizing a solution that fits exactly what we need.”


It didn’t take long for the investment to pay off. Soon after implementing Ambassador, the company saw a conversion rate from referrals that was 300% higher than all other marketing channels combined. As the Ambassador platform develops, Halvorson expects those numbers to go up. 

“The product just keeps getting better and better,” Halvorson says. “The team is sound and mindful of the future. I have total faith in their roadmap.”

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