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When Volusion came to Ambassador, the award-winning eCommerce platform was wasting limited time and resources on manual processes to manage its referral program. Two years later, Ambassador has helped Volusion simplify, automate, and dramatically scale its referral results.


3,700 brand ambassadors generated

1,000+ new clients generated

30,000+ commissions paid out

What they had to say...

"We went through a thorough evaluation of referral marketing platforms and decided to work with Ambassador based on the customization capabilities and superior customer service."

Tiffany Byington, Partner Program Manager, Volusion

Volusion Case Study - Referral Program


For more than 15 years, Volusion’s leading eCommerce software has given clients the tools they need to develop and cultivate successful online businesses. Today, the SaaS company powers 40,000+ stores and its platform has processed more than $21 billion in merchant sales.


With thousands of happy clients, referrals were a natural component of Volusion’s new customer acquisition strategy. Prior to partnering with Ambassador, however, the company was largely managing that strategy ad-hoc. With just a few brand ambassadors, it wasn’t an issue. With more than 3,700, it’s a different story.

“Due to the unique nature of our Referral Partner Program, we found ourselves wasting limited time and resources on manual processes to manage a referral program,” said Tiffany Byington, Volusion’s Partner Program Manager.


To address that, Volusion began searching for a referral marketing platform capable of automating repetitive processes, immediately analyzing results, and systematically mobilizing a large customer base at scale. Enter: Ambassador. Today, Volusion leverages the Ambassador API to:

  • Concurrently execute multiple customized referral campaigns
  • Fully automate recurring commission payouts
  • Seamlessly integrate its third-party applications
  • Perform real-time analysis of social sharing habits and ROI metrics


In two years, Volusion’s 3,700+ ambassadors have generated more than 1,000 new clients, while the Ambassador platform has automated 30,000+ recurring commission transactions. Those results speak for themselves, but Byington has been equally impressed with the platform’s flexibility and ability to optimize referral marketing campaigns.

“The platform not only offers seamless reporting for easy management, it also provides our [referral partners] with a dashboard to easily view their referrals and status,” Byington says. “The extensibility of the platform has allowed easy customization to accommodate our unique workflow needs.”

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