Ambassador Relationship Marketing Platform

Our new-and-improved enterprise platform pairs our existing audience growth products with neural network ContextLink™️ technology to help you to anticipate your customers' needs and personalize each engagement touchpoint.

Referral Marketing Software by Ambassador
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Ambassador's enterprise software brings together
your global, cross-platform audiences. Improve customer engagement and retention through connectivity, data access, customer identity & insights, and personalized customer activation.

Multi-Tier Capacity

Dynamic Rewards

Web/Mobile Deployment

Customized Triggers

Customer Portals

Data Connectors

Reach your audiences at exactly the right moment.

Ambassador's leading technology enables precise omni-channel activation. Navigate the fragmented customer engagement and retention space and reach the right person based on data-driven results - whether it's at the individual, household, or account level - execute data-driven B2C, B2B, and B2C campaigns with precision.

Reach you audience
Uncover insights

Uncover insights, prove impact, take action.

Our measurement technology precisely connects data from disparate sources to create a source of truth that serves as the foundation of measurement allowing you to truly understand your customer & impact, break data-silos and connect various marketing touch points, gain transparency to make informed decisions, and scale as your business grows.

Transform customer data into deterministic person-based IDs.

Enhance your customer identity capabilities with solutions that compliment existing technology investment. Confidently configure our solutions to meet your objectives of resolving disparate identities, enriching data-sets to translating data and measurement - translating customers into affiliate, influencers, partners, referrals and advocates.

Transform customer data
Privacy Shield

Satisfy global regulation requirements.

In a trusted ecosystem, individuals express trust through authentications. The experience for both the brands and their customers must be privacy-focused, transparent, and offer ongoing control or permission and preferences for how data is collected and used. We've aligned with our partners to build and share essential infrastructure to per this vision of a trusted ecosystem.

Best-in-class customer marketing and management.

If you still have questions about what data connectivity can do for your business, please contact us -- we can help you develop an effective approach.