Centralized payments, rewards, and incentive tracking.

Seamless global fulfillment, whether it's cash or gift card, credit or discounts.  Track your campaigns in real-time, and mitigate fraud with our industry-leading protection services.  

Referral Marketing Software by Ambassador
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Offer, manage, and send payments and move money globally
with Ambassador powerful APIs and software integration solutions
designed to help you capture more customer and revenue.

Payments for any business

From e-commerce stores to subscription businesses, get integrations for all your payment, reward, and offer needs.

Get started in minutes

Start offering rewards, incentives and payments quickly and easily using our comprehensive library of SDKs to securely send payments. 

Optimize payments

Protect your business from fraud and seamlessly control each step in your customized payment and reward process. 

Scale globally

Access multiple currencies and dozens of payment methods to increase conversion abroad and grow your global sales footprint. 

Get started right away.
Pick the integration that's right for you.

Ambassador provides flexible integration options that simplify PCI compliance without compromising on the incentive distribution.


Hosted payments and review.

Simplify integration using Ambassador fully customizable business and customer portals to track and monitor your campaigns with a 360 degree view.

Fully customizable flows

Design your own incentive payments form on your Ambassador instance - our rich, prebuilt UI components. Or, build a fully API-based integration with your own user interface.

Reward Email V2

Beat fraud.

Ambassador uses proven, proprietary technology to mitigate risk from fraud and suspicious activity. Stay in control and protect your business with ease.  

Maximize Acceptance.

Ambassador gives you extensive options for your program payment including points, gift cards, digital reward codes, and cash delivery.  


◦ Custom protections and integrations that you can customize.

◦ Custom rules including easy-to-manage allow and block lists.

◦ Review queues and fraud with simple to understand user insights.

◦ White-listing

◦ Integration and partnerships with PayPal and Tango Card

◦ Pre-paid credit cards 

◦ Multi- currency and language options for global sales flows

◦ Simple to use rewards interface

Scale internationally.
Be global from day one.

Grow your international sales funnel and increase conversions with multi-language, multi-currency, and region-specific payout methods for your global campaigns.

◦ Integrate with your own systems for branded merchandise payouts

◦ Cash, Coupon and Voucher codes

◦ Automated payouts and customizable rewards

◦ Regionally-specific payout personalization

Scale Internationally

Easy to launch, but ready for developers.

Start with our super-simple portal, or rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools, from React components to real-time webhooks. 

  • ◦ Versioned API changes

  • ◦ Webhooks

  • ◦ Configurable, pre-built integrations

  • ◦ Snippets and sample code

Best-in-class customer marketing and management

If you still have questions about what data connectivity can do for your business, please contact us.