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Referral Marketing Software by Ambassador
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Gaps in customer intelligence,
siloed and disconnected data, and a constantly changing landscape lead to missed opportunities and poor attribution. Remove common barriers by leveraging Ambassador's proprietary ContextLink™️ customer insights and measurement tools.

Develop a source of truth.

Our customer-identity translation technology precisely connects your first party data to disparate sources to create a source of truth that serves as the foundation to understand "who" your customers are. Gain greater accuracy, measurement, and analytics while preserving your customer's privacy. 


Perform, measure, improve.

Ambassador tracks program and campaign results and uses a complex neural network to provide scalable, optimized feedback over for your efforts. Our tools with teach you how to personalize your offerings and improve your campaign metrics as you grow.

Deeper customer intelligence.

Ambassador's measurement suite delivers an expanded view of your customer engagement throughout the engagement and retention funnel. Understand and manage each step of the customer  journey to anticipate needs and control the path to purchase and referral.


Prove cross-channel impact.

Break data barriers and connect your business objectives and your customers engagement across online and offline channels. Ambassador allows you to track performance across channels to give you a 360-degree view of your online and offline touch points.

Transparency and control.

Make informed decisions for your business with a high level of confidence and control. Gain transparency into your data's sources, uses, and costs.


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