Data should be reliable and actionable.

Ambassador's insights platform not only makes understanding your data easy, but also helps guide your decision making with custom segmentation that's ready to activate.


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Gaps in customer intelligence, siloed and disconnected data, and a constantly changing landscape lead to missed opportunities and poor attribution. Remove common barriers by leveraging Ambassador's proprietary ContextLink™️ customer insights and measurement tools.

Develop smarter targeting.

Drive engagement from your best customers and understand "who" they are through our neural networking and machine learning models. Detect the recency, frequency, and monetization of your most valuable customers at scale.

Develop smarter targeting
Get ahead with data science

Get ahead with data science.

Develop competitive advantage through comprehensive insights by pairing existing customer data with third-party attributes. Enhance predictive models by combining first-party data with licensed data sets in a secure, easy to navigate environment.

Build better segments.

Produce richer, more relevant segments. Optimize your reach and engage audiences though segments and micro-segments with help from our machine learning neural networking tools.

Build Better Segments
Understand what it all means

Understand what it all means.

Build more accurate micro-segments, uncover new opportunities, prove impact, and refine your plan action with Ambassador's leading-edge measurement tools. Truly understand the full impact of your relationship marketing spend. 

Prove the value of your campaigns.

Our insight portal workflows allow you to demonstrate reach, results, and ROI in a data-driven way. Easily share your success and opportunities with in-house teams to optimize your strategies and successfully identify new channels for growth. 

Prove the value of your campaigns

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