True cross-platform data connectivity.

Most organizations still struggle to unify, control, and activate customer data across all significant touch points in the customer journey.  Drive relevant, personalized interactions with their customers at each and every step along the way to a purchase with Ambassador.

Referral Marketing Software by Ambassador
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Data-driven customer experiences are critical to success.
Yet, most organizations still struggle to unify, control, and activate customer data across all significant touch points.Data-connectivity & Marketplace allows businesses to drive relevant, personalized interactions with their customers everywhere they interact--all in a secure and privacy-conscious way.

What is data connectivity?

Data connectivity links your 1st party data to Ambassador's platform an aggregated view of all your customer insights in one centralized portal.. With data connectivity, every consumer interaction instantly becomes be relevant, actionable, and measurable.

Data Connectivity
Data Sourcing

What is data sourcing?

A comprehensive relationship marketing platform is often constrained by gaps in data that arise from incomplete or unavailable customer data. Ambassador data sourcing connects your existing 1st party data with external sources to help you get a clearer snapshot and give you hundreds of additional data points at your disposal.


Anticipate change

Audience needs and trends are always in flux. 

Integrate your 1st party data with external sources that to ensure your customer profiles have the most accurate profile data and anticipate shifts in trends.

Get the full picture

See all your customer touch-points in a single view

Ambassador aggregates your customer data sets, allowing you to link disparate, siloed data into unique identities for ready for relationship marketing.

Bring it all together

Connect your data sources into one simple platform.

A fragmented tech stack makes it harder to reach your customers. Data connectivity ensures there is a single platform for all your relationship marketing campaigns.

Not all data connectivity platforms are created equal.

With our new first-in-class ContextLink™️ technology, Ambassador is the only platform to offer truly end-to-end customer activation and relationship marketing for brands. 


Built for speed

Quick activation of affiliate, influencer, referral, and partner marketing data to help you reach your target customer market and measure results.

Built for accuracy

Connecting data across customer touch points, including various devices and other IDs, so you can address real people with confidence.

Built to scale

Get an omni-channel view of your target audience with easy to install integrations for effective, powerful customer relationship campaigns.

Best-in-class customer marketing and management.

If you still have questions about what data connectivity can do for your business, please contact us