Comprehensive interaction-point engagement.

Our new-and-improved enterprise platform pairs our existing audience growth products with neural network ContextLink™️ technology to help you to anticipate your customers' needs and personalize each engagement touchpoint.


Referral Marketing Software by Ambassador
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Activate the right relationship data
Reach multiple audiences securely across all ecosystems.


ContextLink™️ identity technology

Leverage our proprietary ContextLink™️ identity technology to enable precise referral, affiliate, advocate, and partner activation across channels, screens, and devices driven by machine-learning to target high-potential customers.

Omni Channel


Build and act on identity insights

Focus budgets, offers, payments, and engagement while simultaneously adding more to your customer understanding with our neural network technology and get more data sources, more look-a-likes, more analytic packages and more opportunities to grow and activate your audiences.


Cross-screen audience management.

Navigate the fragmented customer engagement and retention landscape by easily negotiating your audience activations across all platforms. From linear to digital content, cross-screen audience management enables you to implement the most productive cross-screen investment strategies.



Customization with precision.

Activate multiple campaigns simultaneously and execute data-driven B2C, B2B, and B2C campaigns with precision. Reach the right people based on your custom use case -- whether it's at the individual, household, or account level. 

Best-in-class customer marketing and management.

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