Dynamic Technology, Painless Implementation, and Mind-Blowing Results

The success story of SendGrid with Ambassador
SendGrid Case Study

The Company

When SendGrid came to Ambassador in 2011, the company had a steadily growing roster of customers and a well-established marketing strategy, but it lacked a formal referral marketing program. Senior Web Developer, John Verson, knew that had to change — and not over the course of several months or quarters.

“We wanted to have a full-service referral program that we could easily get up in running in a matter of hours, not weeks,” Verson says. For that to happen, Verson knew he needed a solution that was flexible enough to adapt to SendGrid’s unique needs and a partner that would work tirelessly to help the company implement it as fast as possible.

The Challenge

As a large (and growing) company, SendGrid needed a solution that could grow with the business and adapt to its changing needs. Ambassador’s end-to-end platform gave SendGrid that and much more, including: 

  • Full flexibility to scale the program on-demand, without additional resources or implementation time
  • Full automation of referral tracking and reward disbursement
  • Deep analytics about ambassador behavior and activity — information that could be easily integrated into the company’s other internal systems